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Watchman's diary, known in the original script as George's Diary (ジョージの日記 Jōji no nikki?), is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 2.


The location of the file.

The file is found on a bunk bed in the back of the night-duty room after obtaining the Club Key.

Next to the bed is a corpse with its throat and abdomen ripped out. It is possible that this is meant to be the watchman's body.



August 11th
I finally had the chance to see blue skies for the first time in ages, but it did little to lift my spirits. I was reprimanded by the chief for neglecting my duties while I was up on the clock tower.
There's only one thing I still don't understand: the chief seemed to be more concerned about the fact that I was up on the tower rather than that I was neglecting my duties.
Why was access to the tower prohibited in the first place anyway?

September 5th
I recently talked to the old man who works in the scrap yard out back. His name is Thomas. He's a quiet man and really seems to enjoy chess. He even went so far as to design a special key and lock engraved with chess pieces on them for one of the doors in the disposal yard.

We made plans to play chess tomorrow night. I can't help but wonder how good he is. One thing that's been bothering me about him is the way that he's always scratching himself... Does he have some sort of skin disease or he is just rude?

September 9th
Thomas was a much better player than I had imagined. I used to think of myself as a fairly decent player, but he did a pretty good job of humbling me.
About the only thing I imagine that could match his skills in chess is his appetite. All the guy did was talk about food throughout the entire game. He sounded fairly healthy, but he didn't look quite right...
I wonder if he's okay.

September 12th
I was supposed to play another game of chess with Thomas, but we had to cancel it because he hasn't been feeling too well.
He stopped by to see me, but I told him to go back and rest since he literally looked like the walking dead.

He insisted that he was just fine, but I could tell he was really having problems.
Come to think of it, I haven't been feeling too good myself lately...


8月11日 久しぶりに青空を仰ぐ事が出来たが、気分は良くない。

9月 5日 ひょんなことからある老人と知り合いになった。名はトーマス。裏の処理場で働いている老人だ。

9月 9日 思っていた以上だ。自分自身チェスは強い方だと思っていたが、それが思い上がりだと知らされた。

9月12日 チェスを楽しみにしていたが、トーマスの身体の具合が悪いようだったので中止になった。残念だ。


Official English localiation

Original Japanese script

Further notes

  • This file points the player toward the Blue Stone piece or the Knight Plug hidden in the cog room. It also explains the purpose of the lock in the septic tank room and how to unlock it using the remaining plugs.
  • In the original script, the watchman is named "George". This was removed from the localization.
  • In the original script, Thomas works at the treatment plant next to the police station. In the English, it is instead a scrap yard.