"Sample from the treated drainage of this facility. It shows it has passed the water pollution test."
— Item examination - English
"この工場の排水を処理したサンプルだ 水質検査をクリアした数値が書き込まれている "
— Item examination - Japanese

Water Sample is an item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. In the Japanese version, it is referred to as the "Processing Sample" (処理サンプル shori sanpuru?).


It can be used in the next room for releasing the water pollution lock of the Treatment room passage.

"A device to check the water quality. A Water Sample seems to be required." message can be read by Jill, when she explores water checking device in the Water quality examination room. There is another checking machine next to it, that reads the message, when it is explored: "Water pollution alert... Blocking of the abolition area passage is now in progress. To maintain safety, the lock will not be released until a manual check has been performed."

After solving the water test puzzle, the water device will show the message "Water quality check has passed the safety level." and after checking it again, the message will be: "Water check: OK.".

When Jill sets the sample to the device, it disappears from the inventory.


This item can be found at the Sewage monitor room by Jill.




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