The Water Hall is a notorious pool-filled room inside The Castle.


The Water hall is a large hall which is heavily guarded by the Los Iluminados. It is segmented into relatively thin walkways by rectangular pools of water. The room itself is segmented into three areas: the front (near the door from which Leon first enters), the back (where Leon and Ashley must go to progress), and an areas underneath the back area.


Upon entering the room, hordes of Cultists holding flails, crossbows, and shields will begin to attack the player. A Red Cultist will command the others and will sprout a Stage B Plaga after taking enough damage. On New Game Plus, two archers will be in the balconies. Ammunition can be found in vases and as much of it should be picked up as possible before the Cultists manage to converge on Leon. A shotgun will be very helpful here for crowd control and to break the shields.

With Ashley in tow, Leon must shoot his way down the stairs and into the room in the lower area. There, Leon will find an herb, some shells, and two raised platforms. Ashley must be made to stand on one of the platforms, and Leon must stand on the other. This will raise a crank in the previous area. Cultists will soon break into the room, as well as drop from a hole in the ceiling above.

Leon should take Ashley back to the previous part of the room where the crank was raised. The player can choose who will operate the crank. Leon can operate it faster if the player mashes the action button, but this leaves the pair defenseless. Ashley operates it more slowly, but that leaves Leon available to shoot enemies.

Once the crank has been turned enough, a pathway will open to the last part of the room. A group of Cultists, led be a red cultist, will attack the enemy. A checkpoint is located past them. Here there are two cranks located on high pathways. These pathways are too high for Leon to reach himself, but he can help Ashley climb onto them, who must turn two cranks while Cultists slowly cross the pathways in attempts to kidnap her. Cultists will also attack Leon directly on the lower level. Leon can find ammo at the very back of the area which may be crucial if he is low, as his handgun or his rifle are the only reliable ways to save Ashley when she is grabbed.

Each crank Ashley successfully finishes turning will raise one of two platforms leading to the exit door. Once both are raised, Leon can help Ashley down from the upper pathways and the pair can proceed to the next room. Be aware that the Cultists will not simply disappear once the path to the exit is raised.


Location Action Localization Original script
The crank CHECK What the hell's this for? Guess there's only one way to find out. Who will operate? (choice: Leon / Ashley / Quit)




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