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The Water purifying facility is an area of the waterworks under Raccoon University.



In terms of health items, a Green Herb can be found on the south side near the Restroom door on Easy, Hard and Very Hard, and a First Aid Spray can be found over the bridge against the storage containers on Very Hard.[1]

In terms of ammunition, Handgun Rounds can be found on the south-east corner on a crate on Easy and Normal, while 45 Auto Rounds can be found just before the bridge on Easy, Normal and Hard. Some Burst Rounds can be found on the island on Easy, Normal and Very Hard.[1]

In terms of key items, the Key with Red Tag can be found on the north side over the bridge, against the storage capsules.[1]


Location Localisation Original Script
South-east side "Containers to be transported."
North-side "An intense putrid smell is coming from inside. I'd better get away from here."
West-side "Can't even see the ground from up here. I wouldn't survive a fall from this high up."




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