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Dr. Wayne Li (ウェイン・リー Wein Rī?) was an Umbrella USA researcher who was assigned to the Low Temperature laboratory in the NEST, a bioweapons research laboratory beneath Raccoon City. He was among the staff responsible for the Plant 43 project in the NEST's greenhouse, and worked under senior researcher Dr. Byron Cartwright.



Li was friends with Rick Mendoza from high school who would become his future coworker at Umbrella Co.[1] Li was also described as a genius for always getting results in his research and as such, he may have been a very arrogant person.[2] Like Mendoza, Li also had disagreements with Dr. Bryon Cartwright of Senior Staff.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

During Operation: NESTWRECKER, the USS began shooting Umbrella employees in the facility, during which Dr. Li escaped into the Nap Room and shuttered himself behind a sleeping cell. Apparently futilely hoping to survive the assault by means of the shutters providing hiding cover to render him inconspicuous from the USS team, Dr. Li had also gone somewhat hysterical and manic upon these events, as evidenced by the last entry in his journal, but was immediately spotted trying to hide and was shot to death before it could close. However, due to the leak of the t-Virus inside the NEST, Li had been infected and as such, his body did not actually die and remained zombified in an unconscious state.

The other members of the greenhouse team, meanwhile, were tackling the Monster Plant they were working on, and made plans to kill it with poisons but, without Dr. Li's help, they failed to produce an effective herbicide. The following week, survivors began exploring the facility in search of its research and was able to obtain his ID chip from his exposed arm hanging out of the bottom of the nap room shutters, gaining them Level 2 personnel access. When power to the facility was restored, he was freed and began roaming around the naproom.