Weapon Tags is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Shown to the player when they get a tagged weapon.


Weapon Tags

Some weapons will have [Weapon Tags]. These are special customizations that give the weapon more firepower, or have had their functionality customized to the extreme. The changes of obtaining these customizations are low, but if you do find one and utilize it well, it can really make a difference.

For example, you could randomly get a tag for your shotgun that gives it long-distance accuracy.

[Short Range]
Increases close-range attack power at the expense of long-range power.

[Short Range+]
Like the normal Short Range, but even more powerful.

[Long Range]
Increases long-range attack power. Good for sniper rifles.

[Long Range+]
Like the normal Long Range, but even more powerful. However, you will have lower rapid-fire and worse recoil, plus close-range power will suffer quite a bit.

[Speed Shot]
Gives you more ammo capacity and better rapid-fire, but reloading is slower.

[Steady Shot]
Less recoil and a higher chance for critical hits, so it's easier to shoot enemies accurately.

[Speed Load]
Reload speed and ammo capacity are increased, but firing rate is reduced.

[Sonic Assist]
Creates a sound barrier around bullets, widening the hit range.

[Sonic Assist+]
Adds piercing to the Sonic Assist ability. Very effective for dealing with large groups of enemies.

Rare Tags
These are weapons that are extremely difficult to get, but feature vastly improved stats for firepower, firing rate, piercing ability, recoil, etc.
The name of the weapon itself also changes to reflect it's improved performance.

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