Further notes

Created from direct exposure to a strain of the t-Virus, Web Spinners were seen to grow in size, reaching an average height of 3.8 ft, a mass of 90 lb and were observed as reaching speeds of 24 mph.[1] Despite their growth, Web Spinners were still able to scale walls and ceilings.

The body of Web Spinners was known to be poisonous, and was used both for defence and offence. Their fangs could inject a potent venom into a human body that could kill within minutes, but could also spit this venom from a short distance. The Web Spinner abdomen was also poisonous, and could spray onto enemies if ruptured in a fight.

Unlike many other animals infected with the t-Virus, Web Spinners are known to have reproduced in some fashion, and typically carried their young on their backs, providing a posthumous method of defence if a Web Spinner carcass was approached.



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