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*[ Online Event page]
*[ Online Event page]
{{Revelations 2 levels}}
{{Resident Evil: Revelations 2 levels}}
[[Category:Revelations 2 Raid Mode levels]]
[[Category:Revelations 2 Raid Mode levels]]

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"This Gauntlet is composed of many missions. How many can you take on?"
— Level description

Weekend Survivor No. 39 was an online event played on Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode between 28–31 July 2017. It required all four Episodes to play.

Rewards Edit

Action Icon Reward
Missions cleared: 5 or more Firing Rate icon Firing Rate (Lv.5)
Missions cleared: 10 or more Damage icon Damage (Lv.8)
Missions cleared: 15 or more Auto-Shot icon Auto-Shot (Lv.1)
Missions cleared: 20 or more Capacity icon Capacity (Lv.14)
Missions cleared: 25 or more Daze icon Daze (Lv.16)
Missions cleared: 30 or more Dagger Fang icon Dagger Fang (Lv.100, 6 Slots)


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