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"It's about god-damn time! I'm hearing movement, in the walls! "
— To Luther West, before he leaves to eat.

Wendell was an American refugee of the global T-virus pandemic.


For several years, Wendell and several others escaped from the infection at the Citadel Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in San Francisco. Aside from the civilian survivors, the prison also contained Chris Redfield, a soldier who had been sealed in a cell by escaping prisoners. Unwilling to risk letting him out if he was lying, the survivors including Wendell watched over him as guards. Not long after the arrival of Alice and Claire Redfield, Chris' sister, to the prison, Majini Undead made their way into San Francisco. Wendell became suspicious that something was moving underground behind the basement walls, though no one knew exactly what it could be. After being forced out of the shower room when caught peeping on Alice, Wendell was attacked by a Majini Undead that had burrowed underneath and dragged down to be eaten.



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