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"It's about god-damn time! I'm hearing movement, in the walls! "
— To Luther West, before he leaves to eat.

Wendell is a minor character in Resident Evil Afterlife.



Wendell was a survivor hiding in the Citadel Correctional Facility with Luther West, Crystal Waters, Bennett Sinclair, Kim Yong, Angel Ortiz and Chris Redfield. He was left with the charge of guarding and watching Chris, who the survivors believed to be an inmate of the prison. He was the first to suspect and hear the noises made by the Majini Undead.

When Alice was preparing to take a shower, she caught Wendell hiding behind a towel rack, trying to "peep" at her. Angered, she told him to leave the shower room. However, an Undead emerges from the ground and drags him down the hole, presumably killing him.



  1. Resident Evil: Afterlife takes place six months after the events of Extinction
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