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Wes Drucker was a police officer working for the Raccoon Police Department. He served as an interrogator and was friends with a co-worker named Hector.


During September 18, 1998, Drucker arrested a former electrician named Rodney Gray at 1442 Box Street for suspicious behavior. He was found of improvised explosive device and 20 more in his house then sent into custody. While Drucker interrogated the suspect inside the RPD's Interrogation Room, Gray became agitated while being questioned, and stating he has done the explosives for the police officer due to the "corpses" attacking from the shadows while also whistle-blowing about Umbrella being "no good" as the zombies will roam the streets soon. Drucker then had to administer a sedative to Gray due to him suffering from seizures and ended the interrogation. The confiscated explosives were placed somewhere else while removing the battery for safety precautions.[1] In the following weeks, when the city was suddenly consumed by an outbreak caused by the leak of the t-Virus in the drinking water that turned thousands in zombies, the Raccoon Police Station was compromised and the police having taken near total casualties.

At some time between 26 and 28 September, with to the loss of terrain inside the station due the zombies that invaded the building exacerbated by Chief Irons' orders to scatter weaponry, Wes searched a way to get to the other side of the police station through the Shower Room. He then remembered the explosives confiscated and mounted a bomb with them, but because the detonation battery were in the Safety Deposit Room, Drucker went to look for Hector since he had the keys. He then was attacked by a zombie outside the bathroom and ended up being bitten. Aware of his dreadful fate due to his condition gradually getting worse, Drucker placed the confiscated explosives in the police station's shower room wall and locked himself at one of the lockers there before succumbing to his injuries, leaving a note to Hector, in hopes that his friend will manage to escape from the precinct and ask him not to open his locker.[2]

His note would then be found in the early dawn of the 29 September by Carlos Oliveira, who decided not to open his locker.[3] Already during the night of the same day, when the survivors arrived at the police station already taken by the zombies, while searching the shower room, Drucker's body would be found in his locker and would surprise them before he fell inert to the floor.[4] Despite his fear of believing that he would eventually turn into a zombie, Drucker died from his injuries before he could mutate into a zombie.

Further Notes[]

  • Although Drucker first appeared in Resident Evil 2 remake, his name was not revealed until the Resident Evil 3 remake.
  • In Resident Evil 2 remake, opening the locker where Wes locked himself is optional since that find his body is not necessary to complete the Police Station segment of the game.
  • Wes is one of the few minor characters in the Resident Evil franchise who, despite being infected by the t-Virus, did not become a zombie, the others being Dr. Ethan and Ricky.


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