Extra Report cover

Wesker's Extra Report (ウェスカーズエクストラリポート U~esukāz uekusutora ripōto?) is a booklet that came with the special editions of Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles, exclusive to Japan.

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An interesting incident... Bizarre murder cases have recently occurred in a remote village in the Caucasus region of Russia.

The villagers there are making noise that a legendary monster "Almas" has been revived... The disastrous scene easily reminds me of the first bizarre incidents in Raccoon Forest. There's an old chemical plant three kilometers from the village that was built during the Soviet era, and according to the investigation, the property rights have now transferred to a prestigious European noble family.

It seems foreign capital was invested five years ago and a large-scale underground development was conducted.

According to geological surveys, there's a solid bedrock perfect to construct a certain kind of facility on.

Evidently, it seems the crossword's been solved. Umbrella has boldly survived for the five years since Raccoon's annihilation.

Held responsible for the virus leak, and in spite of a plunge in their stock prices, they campaigned at the trial that it was all a U.S. government conspiracy and succeeded in buying time until the final death sentence.

It was fortunate for Umbrella that they had colluded with the government from the very beginning.

If you clear the dust, the nation naturally has secrets just like anyone else, and their survival tactics were to stir up public doubt by selling them in pieces to the court and the media.

That referred to as madness exists in varying degrees and lurks even in people, organizations, and nations.

However, Umbrella was the most insane in that incident. The foolish Umbrella is showing signs of a revival. B.O.W.s are beginning to go rampant in conflict regions. The B.O.W.s are being supplied as weapons.

Umbrella has organized itself beneath the surface and established a system to produce Bio Organic Weapons, and information has come in that they operate ships for transportation.

It's time. They fidget with the t-Virus, create mutant organisms, and sell them.

Even if a certain amount of results were to appear, their imagination, merely trifling with the virus as a medium for bioweapons manufacture, will give themselves away again someday.

The "Philosopher's Stone" belongs in the hands of a truly worthy alchemist. Those unfit should withdraw in silence.

Without a doubt, here will become the place of Umbrella's demise...