Wesker's Report II is a prequel to Wesker's Report. Like the original, it was told from the point of view of Albert Wesker


Part 1

When I first visited that place, I was 18
years old and it was summer.
That was 20 years ago.
I still remember the smell when the
helicopter landed and the rotor caused
the wind to stir.
From the air, the mansion seemed normal
but from ground, something was different.
Birkin, who was 2 years younger than I,
seemed only interested in the research
files he had as usual...
1978 July 31 (Monday)
The 2 of us were assigned to that place.
2 days ago, the same day they decided to
close the executive training centre.
Everything could have been planned out
from the beginning, or it could have
all been a coincidence.
The only person to know the truth was,
most likely, Spencer.
Spencer at the time was using the
Arklay research facility for the research
on the t-virus.
As soon as we got off the helicopter,
the president of that place
stood in front of the elevator.
I don't even remember the guy's name.
It didn't matter what was said officially.
From that day on, the research facility
was Birkin's and mine.
We were assigned to be chief
researchers there.
This of course, was Spencer's idea.
We were the chosen ones.
The two of us ignored the
president as we entered
the elevator.
We had already been briefed
about the layout of
the area, and Birkin, with
no bad intentions,
we ignored everyone as usual.
Usually, when someone sees our actions,
they would react within 5 seconds.
But the president didn't even react at all.
At the time, I was only a
youngster so it didn't bother the
In the end, the president
understood what Spencer was
thinking and didn't take notice of
someone like me.
While the 3 of us were on the
elevator descending to the basement,
Birkin still kept his eyes on the
research files.
The files contained information
about a new filovirus found 2 years
ago in North Africa, called Ebola.
Even now, there are thousands of
people researching the Ebola.
But the people are always divided
in half.
One group to save people from it.
One group to kill people with it.
As known, if a
person is infected with the Ebola,
the possibility of dying is 90%.
It has the ability to destroy the
physical structure within 10 days
and even now, a cure hasn't been found.
If this is used as a weapon, it
would display incredible destruction.
Since making a bio-weapon is illegal,
we would not use the virus as a weapon.
But I'm certain that someone out
there would use this as a weapon.
So to prepare for a case of that nature,
it is important to do research on
a weapon now.
However, the line between finding a
cure and making a bio-weapon is thin.
This is because the actual
research conducted do
not differ at all between the two.
So one could say that they are
researching for a cure, while
they're actually making a bio-weapon.
But Birkin was not interested
in either, because he just
wanted to research the Ebola itself.
The virus had too many
things unknown about it at the time.
One was the fact that it would die
within a few days by itself,
and would die instantly when
exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays).
The second was that it kills the
host (human) so quick that there's almost
no time for it to infect anyone else.
The third was that it has to
physically touch another person
in order to infect them,
and can therefore be easily quarantined.
But I would like
to bring up the following thought.
What if a person infected with
the Ebola virus could stand up and
walk around?
And that infected person would have
a disrupted chain of thought,
and would infect others that weren't
What if the DNA and RNA of the Ebola
had a direct impact on the DNA of a human?
And due to that, you'd make the person
not die to easily?
The person would be dead from a
human's point of view, but would
still go around as a human bio-weapon
spreading the virus around?
It's fortunate that the Ebola
may have features like this.
Even from now, we will be
the only ones to know about this.
Umbrella, with Spencer as the head,
was an organization created to do
research on viruses with these qualities.
As a cover, they tell the world
that they are a company making
cures for these viruses,
but the truth was a human bio-weapon
developing organization.
The finding of the original virus
which restructures the human DNA
was the start of everything.
Using the original virus as a base,
an enhanced virus would be made to
develop a human bio-weapon.
This was the t-virus project.
The original virus was also an RNA
virus, and would cause abnormalities that
would enhance a person.
Birkin was interested in the Ebola
because he planned on combining it with
the DNA of the original virus to make an
enhanced virus.
The sample of the Ebola had already
been brought to this research facility.
We had gone through many elevators and
had finally reached the destination.
When we reached that place,
even Birkin raised his face to the sight.
This was our first encounter with that
We were not told anything
about that woman.
Everything relating to her
at the research facility was kept
top secret, and the data was
not to be leaked to the outside.
From the records,
she'd been there since the
research facility was created.
She was 25 years old at that time.
But what her name was and
why she was there was a mystery.
She was a test subject for the
research on the t-virus.
The research began on
1967 November 10.
For 11 years, she had
gone through tests with many viruses.
I heard Birkin whisper something.
Whether those words were cursing
or praising, I do not know.
But we had come to a place we
couldn't get back out from.
We knew we could either take the
research to its completion, or end
up like her.
For us, we only had 1 choice.
That woman lying on the pipebed
had moved something within both of
our minds.
Was this also a part of
Spencer's plan?

Part 2

1981 July 27 (Monday)

On this day, Umbrella assigned a
10 year old girl to be the chief
researcher at the
antarctic research facility.
Her name was Alexia Ashford.
At that time, I was 21 and Birkin was 19.
It was very provoking that even in our
own Arklay research facility,
everyone was talking about
Alexia and the Antarctic.
It was because all the old high staff
members of Umbrella considered the
name of the Ashford family
a legend.
Every time something went wrong with
our research, those old fools would
always say the same thing.
"If only Professor Edward were still alive..."
It is true that Edward Ashford was
the first one to find the original virus,
and he may have been an incredible scientist
for starting the t-virus project.
But soon after Umbrella was formed,
he died.
It had been 13 years since then.
Would there be no reason to expect
anything from the Ashford family?
In fact, over the 13 years
after Edward's death,
the Antarctica research facility
that his son built had done nothing.
This grand-daughter Alexia of
his is probably nothing useful either!
But one day, our useless
workers started to say
these things.
"If only Alexia was here."
It angered me to think that
our own workers and
researchers are filled with
these mindless fools who only
judge people by their
family name and bloodline.
Because they think like that,
they always had to be told
what to do, and never got
promoted even though they
were old enough to have one
leg inside the coffin!
...But, I still had good
If I had let all of that go to my head,
the development of the t-virus at
the Arklay research facility would
have been delayed
As the head researcher,
I always had to keep myself under control
or success would not be possible.
Then, a thought came to my mind.
I could use those old staff members
to further the progress of
the research and to gain my success.
Those old fools could die at any time,
and would serve as perfect test
subjects for the dangerous experiments.
to be able to rise above everyone,
why shouldn't I be able to use all
resources to my full advantage?
But the problem was Birkin.
His reaction to Alexia was great.
Although he never spoke of it,
Birkin took pride in the fact that
he was the youngest to be assigned
to this lab at the age of 16.
But his pride was completely
destroyed by this 10 year old girl.
Born as a genius,
he had tasted his first defeat.
He couldn't handle the younger,
legendary family, girl.
To be outdone by a girl who
hadn't even made any research
The main reason was the fact that
she was still a child.
But I had to have Birkin back to
his normal self again.
We had already reached phase 2 in
our research in the past 3 years.
At that point in time,
the t-virus was able to stably create a
human bio-weapon, called a zombie.
But the effects of the virus vary greatly
between people and there was no 100%
guarantee for it to infect the DNA.
Every person has a different DNA structure,
and some may react differently.
If a zombie were to pass on
the infection to a group of people,
10% would not get infected.
This we could do nothing about,
even though we continued to study the DNA.
With the remaining 90% of people that did get
infected, this would still be enough to be
used as a weapon, but Spencer
thought differently.
Our employer wanted a 100% human-killing,
independent perfect weapon.
But why?
Originally, the bio-weapon was to
be made with very little cost.
But our research into the human bio-weapon,
was getting more expensive.
If Spencer just wanted to make money,
he wouldn't have chosen this path.
If used as an ordinary weapon,
he could easily make a profit from it.
But to continue researching it as an
independent perfect-killing weapon
like we've been doing, it wouldn't add up.
Why does he continue the research
even though he's loosing money?
I would understand if he was aiming
for a military industry monopoly to
change the meaning of war...
I still didn't understand
Spencer's real intentions.
Apart from Spencer's real intentions
Birkin was currently doing tests on a
perfect human bio-weapon that
possessed combat skills.
By changing the DNA of the t-virus
and incorporating DNA information
from other living things,
this being could be created.
This fighting human bio-weapon,
made to kill off any opposing forces
or people that are immune to the virus,
was later called the hunter.
But the tests had to be put on hold
for a while.
The test subject had to be protected
from Birkin.
Birkin felt it was meaningless
to compete against Alexia,
and started to act differently than usual.
For 24 hours a day,
he would stay at the research facility,
continuously doing tests without a plan.
I tried to use other researchers to
collect samples and data from
the test subjects before they died,
but at the speed that Birkin went by,
it was impossible for me to keep up.
The president would keep getting us new
test subjects as if nothing happened,
and that subject would die shortly after.
That place was like hell.
However, 1 person in that hell,
that woman test subject, still lived.
She was already 28.
That is to say, she spent 14 years
in the research facility.
Over the 14 years, the effects from
the original virus must have
corrupted her mind, but if she
were to still have a conscious mind,
death is what she would want.
However, she lived on.
How could she live for so long?
There was nothing different between
her test data and those of the other
test subjects.
More time was needed to solve
this mystery.

Part 3

1983 December 31 (Saturday)

It has been the 6th winter since I started
working at the
Arklay research facility.

During the last 2 years,
we had made no real progress with
our research, and time passed by.

But that came to an end.

We had received word from the
Antarctic that Alexia had died.

The cause of Alexia's death was
the t-veronica virus,
which she had created herself.

At this time, Alexia was 12.
It seemed that she was too
young for such dangerous research.

Our Arklay research facility
was located in a very dense forest.

I often went out walking
into the woods, but because
this facility was near
the center of the forest,
you would never encounter
any other human.

The only way to get there
was by a helicopter.

It was a needed precaution,
since if by chance,
the virus was leaked out,
it would prevent the chances
of spreading.

But a bio-weapon isn't
so simple.

The virus can also affect
non-human beings as well.

Any virus isn't always limited to
only affect 1 type of organism.

For example, the Influenza virus
not only affects humans,
but also birds, pigs, horses,
and even seals.

And even in each of these species,
only certain ones are affected,
such as with Seagulls and chickens
while all other birds are not.

That same virus may also have
different effects on different

The problem lies in how the
t-virus can affect many
different life forms.

During the time when
Birkin was useless,
I had done my own research
on the t-virus.

I had found out that
the t-virus can affect
most life forms out there.

And not only mammals,
but plants, bugs,
and fish can also be
affected by the t-virus.

Everytime I walked in
the woods outside the
research facility,
I always asked myself the
same question

Why did Spencer choose
this place?

There are many different forms
of life in these woods.

What would happen if the virus
were to leak out?

If only an insect were infected,
it probably would not go through a
big mutation because of its small size.

But these insects could spread
the infection at an incredible rate.

If this were to happen, how
far would the virus spread?

If a plant were infected,
the plant itself couldn't move
and would seem safe.

But what about the seeds that the
plants give out?

It would be extremely dangerous
if a case like that were to happen.

Now that I think about it,
it was very smart by the
Ashford family to locate their
research facility in Antarctica.

But here, it almost seemed as if
someone wanted the virus to spread.

But could that be possible?

What was Spencer trying to make
us do?

This issue was far too great and
couldn't be discussed with any
other researcher.

The only one who I could talk to
was Birkin, but he probably
wouldn't even be interested.

I need more information.

I had started to realize my
limits as a simple researcher.

To find out what Spencer was
truly thinking, I needed to be at a
position where I could obtain more

For that, I would throw away
all my current positions.

But I couldn't do this quickly.
I couldn't let Spencer notice my plans,
for if so, everything would be over.

I continued to do the usual
research with Birkin so that no
one would notice my true

During that time, that
woman test subject was
completely forgotten at the
research facility.

A failure that just lived on.

Until that day, 5 years later...

Part 4: Enter Nemesis

The 11th summer had come since we
started working at the
Arklay research facility.
I was 28 at the time.
Birkin had become a father to a
2 year old girl.
The wife was a also a researcher at
It was natural that people who
conducted the same research at the
same facility fall in love and had
But a normal person wouldn't be
able to continue research at
Everyone who were still here were
We had gone into phase 3 of
our research in the 10 years.
A programmed life
to be used a soldier,
was the fighting human bio-weapon.
This project was to be called
the "tyrant".
But this project had a
huge set back from the start.
Gaining the human test body
for the tyrant was a problem
There were few people who
were compatible to become the tyrant.
This was due to the nature
of the t-virus.
Any human could be used to make a
zombie or a hunter using
the t-virus, but their intelligence
would be lost in the process.
A certain amount of intelligence
was needed to create a tyrant.
Birkin devised a different
approach in order to compensate
for this problem.
But only a very small amount of
people with compatible DNA could
be used for this different method.
In the simulation, only
1 out of 100 000 000 people
turned into a tyrant,
and the rest became zombies.
If our research continued,
we could create a different
kind of t-virus that was
compatible for more people to
become a tyrant.
But for this to happen,
we needed a new and different
completely compatible person
as a test subject.
But even if we searched
through all of America,
we would only find
10 or so people that
were compatible test bodies.
Other research facilities
ran into the same problem.
We had run into a wall
before our research even began.
But we had received word that
the Europe research facility had
thought of a plan to conquer
this problem in
phase 3 of the human bio-weapon
This was the Nemesis project.
I had urged to get a sample
of the project to
further our own research.
Although Birkin had strongly opposed,
I had convinced him.
Until we found a compatible host,
our research wouldn't move,
and Birkin had to admit this.
We received a package a few
days later with a number of
precautions written on it.
The package brought to the
heliport was a small box.
Nemesis Project
Gaining this package from the
France research facility
required quite an effort,
but was mainly accomplished due
to Spencer backing us up.
Birkin took no interest in the
package until the end,
but had at least admitted to do
The sample was totally new and
was thought up for test purposes.
A parasitic life form created
by manipulating DNA.
That was what the Nemesis was.
The intelligence was the only
thing enhanced, and this life form
couldn't do anything on its own.
But once it finds a host, it
becomes a parasite, and its
intelligence would take over,
causing it to have incredible
combat abilities.
The host for the fighting life form
and intelligence of the parasite
would be made separately
and later the 2 would be combined
to create 1 human bio-weapon.
If this were to succeed, it would
overcome the intelligence problem,
and we could create the
fighting life-form we had planned.
But the problem was when the
parasite takes over the host.
All that was recorded in the files
was the death of each host once
taken over by the sample.
Within 5 minutes of the
intelligence takeover by the
Nemesis, the host of the parasite
would die.
But we were already aware of the
danger that lay in the prototype.
If we could prolong the
survival time of the host,
the Nemesis project would succeed.
That was my plan.
The host would be that
women test subject.
Her incredible life rate could
survive longer against the
parasite of the Nemesis prototype.
And even if it failed, nothing would
change on our side.
But the test had created a result
I had not expected.
The Nemesis that had tried to enter
her brain had disappeared.
At first, we couldn't tell what
had happened.
We didn't expect her to
consume the parasite.
That was the beginning.
Something was happening inside
that failed experiment.
We had decided to start
research on her from scratch.
In the past 10 years, we had
conducted every bit of research
possible on her, but we had decided
to throw all those files away.
Within the 21 years that she lived,
something was beginning to show.
Only Birkin had begun to notice
the change.
Indeed, something had begun to
change inside her.
But that was something totally
different from the t-virus project.
Something new and would bring a
new idea to us.
The project which changed our destiny,
the G-virus project.

Part 5: Enter G-virus

When I came back to that place,
it had been 17 years since
that day I was
first assigned there.
Every time I go to that place,
I would remember the
smell of the wind of that day.
The buildings and the surroundings
all looked the same as before.
On the heliport, I could see Birkin.
It has been a long time since
I'd seen him.
4 years had passed since I left the
Arklay research facility.
4 years ago, when Birkin's
G-virus project was authorized,
I requested to be transferred
to the secret service,
and this was easily approved.
From everyone's point of view,
it was a natural change for me
to stop my research profession
to go into another field.
In reality, the research
conducted on the G was far
above my level.
Even if my motive wasn't
to find out what Spencer
was truly thinking,
I could feel my limits as
a researcher.
In the midst of the wind blowing,
Birkin as usual, didn't take
his eyes off the research files.
He came to Arklay quite often,
but he was not employed there anymore.
A little while ago, a huge
underground research facility
was built under Raccoon City.
This was the place where his G-virus
would be developed.
To be honest, 4 years ago,
I didn't think that Spencer would
authorize G.
This was because it was far
from being a weapon,
and had too many things unknowns
about it.
The reason the G was slightly
different from t-virus, was
due to the host spontaneously
reacting to the virus continuously.
It was very easy for a mutation to
occur since the DNA would be open
to a virus.
But this was just in the case of the
virus itself and not the host's DNA.
Even if the virus could cause some
form of change, the DNA of the host
becoming mutated was a rare case.
If there was an outside force like
radiation, however, it would be a
different story.
But in the case of G, it was
different, even without an outside
force, it would keep mutating the
host until death.
Something very similar to this
did exist within the t-virus as well.
When a human bio-weapon is put
in a specific area, the virus inside
the host eventually causing some
form of mutation, was already
But for this to happen, an outside
force was always needed.
But the G host had no need for
such a thing.
No one could even predict what was
lying ahead with the mutations, and
even if we thought of a way to stop
the mutation, the virus would just
mutate to accommodate.
7 years ago, Birkin found this in
that woman test subject.
At first look, the woman had no
changes on the outside, but inside,
various mutations had occurred which
kept on consuming each kind of virus
injected into her, and had continued
to live on.
And over the 21 years of mutating,
it had mutated so much that it would
even consume the Nemesis parasite.
The G-virus project was to take
this mutation to highest point
But this could lead to the
ultimate life form or it could
end in disaster.
...could this be called a weapon?
What was Spencer thinking
when he authorized this project?
Even when I moved to the secret
service, I still couldn't find out
what Spencer was really thinking
during these 4 years.
And he didn't even show up at
the Arklay labs anymore.
Almost as if he was expecting
something to happen there...
Spencer was slowly drifting
away from me, just as an oasis
in a desert.
But, my chance will come soon enough.
That's if I can survive until then.
The elevator took Birkin and I
to the highest level in the
research facility.
To that place where we first saw
that woman.
There, we met the new research
leader, John, who was the
successor to Birkin.
He had come from a Chicago
research facility and was an
excellent researcher, but he was
too normal to work in a place like this.
He had started to question the
motives of the research there and
had repeatedly questioned the
This had even reached my ears at
the secret service.
"If information was leaked out,
he would be the first to go."
This is what everyone had started to say.
We both ignored John and had started
the cleanup of that woman.
We had to kill her.
When she had consumed the Nemesis,
she started to regain some intelligence
but they were very peculiar behaviors.
Each time it would escalate,
she would rip off the face of
another woman and would wear
it herself.
According to the records, she
showed the same behavior when
she was first injected with
the original virus.
No one knows why she would behave
like that, but recently, 3 researchers
had been killed that way, and this was
what triggered the decision for
her to be killed.
Since the G research was progressing
steadily, there was no more use for her.
Her death was confirmed over
the course of 3 days,
and her dead body was carried
somewhere by the president.
In the end, no one knew who she
was or why she'd been here.
But this was also the same with
any other test subject.
But if she hadn't been here,
the G-project wouldn't have existed.
If this were the case,
both Birkin and I would have been
in a different situation than now.
I had this on my mind as I left the
Arklay research facility.
How far was Spencer planning
to go with this?
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