Wesker's Vulnerability is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. The forty-ninth in the game, it is played during Chapter 6-3. All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[1]


Wesker staggers back with the syringe stuck on his right breast, and then struggles to remove the syringe, eventually successfully doing so before tossing it aside. Sheva then asks Chris if the injection succeeded in weakening him, with Chris guessing that it did. True to his predictions, as Wesker staggers toward the duo, he suddenly starts clutching his head in pain and screaming in agony as his vision blurred, with the pain eventually being severe enough that he ends up collapsing and kneeling to the ground. He then is forced to remove his sunglasses and glares angrily at Chris. He then throws his sunglasses to the ground and proceeds to use his superhuman abilities to jump all the way to the soon to depart plane, although not before warning Chris that their battle isn't over. Chris, realizing Wesker's going to get away and most likely continue with his operation on spreading Uroboros, tells Sheva to hurry and pursue the bomber jet. Chris then manages to board as it's about to take off. He then reaches out for Sheva and tells her to come and grab his hand to get on board. Sheva then barely manages to grab Chris, and they manage to get in as the bay doors close behind them. The plane then proceeds to speed off the take-off ramp, and then discards its extra jets and flies off.


SHEVA: Did it work?

CHRIS: I think so.

WESKER: This isn't over, Chris!

CHRIS: Sheva, he's getting away, hurry!

CHRIS: Sheva! Come on! Come on, grab on!

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