Wesker's bomber after taking flight.

"Sheva: An assault bomber? When Jill said that Wesker [sic] was planning to spread Uroboros throughout the world.
Chris: He was planning to use this to spread it.

After joining Tricell, Inc., Albert Wesker had a specialised Tricell Assault Bomber placed on the Tricell tanker. He and Excella Gionne intended to use the plane to spread the Uroboros virus around the world as part of their ultimate plan to spur evolution on the human race.


"In less than five minutes, we'll reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment. Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete. Global. Saturation."

When Wesker and Excella became partners, plotting to reshape humanity into advanced beings, Wesker commissioned this stealth bomber to be placed in a specialized hangar below the deck of their freighter. The ocean tanker was located at the large deck behind the Umbrella Africa Research Center, having resources loaded onto it by the Majini soldiers while Excella and Wesker waited in the facility. The bomber was loaded with missiles filled with Uroboros which would be fired into the atmosphere in order to achieve "complete global saturation". When the ship was ready to take off, Excella and Wesker went aboard. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, the BSAA agents who are sent to investigate Tricell's activities and are battling the pair followed them.

Once aboard the freighter, Chris pointed out that Wesker and Excella must have another plan to cause a Uroboros outbreak as the ship would give away their position too soon. After a long battle across the massive boat against the various Las Plagas creatures and destroying the Uroboros who arose from the remains of Excella after Wesker betrayed her and infected her with the virus, Chris and Sheva finally found Wesker's strategy to spread his virus. In the freighter's command centre, they saw the assault bomber in the hangar below the deck on a security camera along with Wesker, standing on a platform overlooking the plane. The two agents decided to pursue him before he could deploy his plane. Chris noted that if Wesker flew in the bomber, he could not get shot down as a biohazard would be initiated.

Chris received a call from Jill Valentine who revealed that a special serum was the key to besting Wesker's superhuman powers. Sheva showed Chris that she collected the vials of the serum from Excella earlier and they went to confront the madman at his hangar with the tool necessary for his defeat in hand. Cornering Wesker as he used his bomber, they engaged their powerful foe in what began a final battle. As they battled, Chris and Sheva could finally administer a dose of the PG67A/W serum so he could be weakened.

After escaping onto the bomber, Sheva and Chris pursued Wesker where they continued to fight him on-board. Chris successfully administered a second dose on Wesker, hoping to weaken him even more and also disabled the bomber, stopping Wesker from annihilating the entire world. With the back door of the bomber opening, however, Wesker flew out while also taking Sheva with him and Sheva grabbed onto the ledge of the plane, realising the importance of what the mission was and tried to sacrifice herself before Chris came and rescued her before she fell to her death.  

With Sheva holding on to Chris' hand and Wesker still hanging onto her boots, she shot him off and he fell into a volcano where they crashed into. Chris and Sheva tried to walk a distance away from the crashed bomber before Wesker emerged from the wreckage and infused himself with Uroboros from a nearby missile that carried the virus, turning his arm into a blade-like weapon. Chris and Sheva fought with Wesker for the final time, ultimately winning and finishing Wesker off for good with rocket launchers.  

Further notes

  • On the ship, the plane's runway is unrealistic in length (not to mention half of it was probably taken up for Sheva to catch up to the cargo door), as a plane that size would need a very large airfield. The plane does utilise JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) rockets to help it attain takeoff velocity quicker, which it jettisons once airborne.
  • Its design looks a lot like the B-2 Spirit or Ace Combat Zero's XB-0 Hresvelgr.
  • The bomber seems to be remotely piloted (as its engines start spinning up before Wesker boards it) or is preprogrammed to reach a certain altitude, as Wesker does not appear to pilot the bomber and there is no indication of a flight crew. In addition, throughout Sheva and Chris's fight against Wesker on the bomber, there was a PM containing a computerised female voice blaring in the background, further supporting that the plane was automated at least to some extent. The bomber is not unmanned, as cockpit windows can be seen on the front.
  • Despite it being called a bomber, it appears to function more as a high altitude missile platform, deploying missiles at a high altitude instead of dropping them like a normal bomber.


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