For the PACHISLOT game, see Wesker Mode (PACHI-SLOT biohazard).

Wesker Mode is an extra gameplay mode in the Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster.


Wesker Mode is an extra gameplay mode for the main campaign. After completing the game once, the mode can be selected from the "Extras" menu on the main menu. In the mode, Albert Wesker—who replaces Billy Coen—accompanies a P30-injected Rebecca Chambers. All of the original full-motion video sequences in the campaign remain the same, while the in-game cutscenes feature the alternate costumes.[3]

Wesker possesses a unique set of abilities in Wesker Mode:

  • Shadow Dash - By holding the Run/Reload button, Wesker will assume a lowered stance. By letting go of the button, Wesker will charge forward. The player can change his direction by moving the keys/analog stick in the desired direction and pressing the Run/Reload button. By pressing the Run/Reload button again by itself, Wesker will stop dashing. Wesker will also stop dashing when he collides with obstacles, stairs/doorways to other rooms, or when he is attacked by an enemy.
  • Death Stare - While holding the Aim button, the player can press and hold the Status button to charge Wesker's attack. Then, by releasing the Status button, Wesker will unleash a powerful ranged blast of energy. Wesker is surrounded by an aura while charging the attack: white indicating an initial charge, yellow/orange indicating a moderate charge, and red indicating a maximum charge. The longer the attack is charged, the more damage it will cause. Its effectiveness also depends on how the player is positioned and the enemy type being targeted.
  • Mixing herbs - Unlike Billy, Wesker is able to mix herbs.

Despite Rebecca's appearance, her gameplay is unchanged.

The Suitcase is unavailable in Wesker Mode. However, Leech Hunter bonuses still appear. All other items in the main campaign are unchanged.

Upon completing Wesker Mode for the first time, Rebecca's "Team Wesker" costume is unlocked in the main campaign. In addition, no gameplay rank is received after completing Wesker Mode.


Wesker is based on his appearance in Resident Evil 5 rather than his appearance in Zero, although he does not wear his trench coat. During gameplay, Wesker's eyes glow bright red similar to his appearance in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica except during cutscenes.

Rebecca has pale skin and glowing red eyes, similar to Wesker's. Her hair is also much darker. She wears a P30 injection device on her chest—as the brainwashed Jill Valentine wore in Resident Evil 5—and a black tactical jumpsuit.


Further notes

  • Although Billy's cutscene dialogue is unchanged, all additional in-game dialogue (such as battle grunts and partner commands) use D. C. Douglas' voice.[Note 1][4]
  • Even though Wesker is never seen without his sunglasses, his model still has an eye blinking animation.[5]
  • Wesker Mode difficulty is preset to Normal.
  • Rebecca's appearance from Wesker Mode appears in TEPPEN.[6]


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