The West Storage Room is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Immediatelly when entering the room from the northwest there is a gunpowder and wooden boards, on a shelf there is handgun ammo on the [1st] scenario but on the [2nd] this is replaced by Large-caliber Handgun Ammo. On the small table next to the C4 on the wall there is the Some Guy's Scribblings file and a hip pouch, the pouch is only there on the [1st] scenario.

The priority of this room is getting the Maiden Medallion, the player needs the Detonator and Battery to blow up the wall. When this is done, the shelf that's next to the door to the library will fall, the player can either stand next to the shelf so it won't fall or step into the library and it won't fall either.

After it fell however, it's possible to get it back up to open up the way to the library again, but this takes a few seconds to be done.

Ater the Maiden Medallion is acquired, the zombie hanging from the ceiling will fall and come back to life. In the [1st] scenario, a Licker will also appear, however, this won't happen in the [2nd] scenario, only the zombie will be in the room. The Tyrant can also appear in this room after the medallion is acquired.

Another Licker will spawn here again if the player visits this room right after returning from the Police Station parking garage.

Further notes

  • Next to the door that leads to the Library, there is one zombie hanging from the ceiling because his legs are stuck on debris, since the game features real-time limb tearing, it's possible to shoot the zombie's legs until they completely fall off of his body, but he will still not fall down to the floor. This was fixed in the 1-Shot Demo and final release of the game.


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