The west concourse (西コンコース Nishi konkōsu?) is an area of the South Raccoon Street Station.This area is featured in Resident Evil Outbreak File#2


This large open area consist of two sets of stairs either side at the end of the area that both lead down to the platform there is also two doors to the left and right one leads to the ticket gate area and the other to the Employee passage access to the men and women's restrooms are located at the end of the room.



Location Localization Original script
The telephones to the south. "The payphone is broken." 「公衆電話は壊れている」
The fence blocking off "west ticket gate". "There's a strong iron railing blocking the gate." 「改札を仕切る鉄柵があるかなり頑丈な造りだ」
The mailboxes to the north. "Looks like a mailbox. Nothing strange about it." 「郵便ポストのようだとくにおかしなところはない」
The bins near the restroom. "I took a good long look at it, but it's just a garbage can." 「注意深く調べてみたがやはりただのゴミ箱だ」




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