The West terrace (西テラス Nishi terasu?)[1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion. The area was not featured in the 1996 original Resident Evil.


It is a balcony passage that connects the entrance hall to the second floor west staircase. The glass from the dining hall can be seen from here. There's a garden located at the midway of the balcony.


The west terrace can be entered through the 2F west staircase either using the Old Key (Chris's scenario) / Lockpick (Jill's scenario) since the entry from the entrance hall is locked from the other side. There are green herbs that are grown in a pot on the balcony, that can be used to restore health a handful of times.

According to the memo that was found inside the mansion, an object was hidden within a dog collar, which is put on one of the mansion's guard dogs that used to hang around this area. To summon the guard dogs, the player can use the whistle. At some point, two Cerberuses will jump onto the balcony passage, one is equip with the dog collar. Player must kill the Cerberuses before obtaining the collar.

A coin can be found from examining the collar from the Inventory Screen. Next, player can examine the coin where it will form the shape of the armor key.

This key can be replace with the Armor Key inside the statue corridor.

Before leaving the west terrace either using the door to the 2F west staircase or entrance hall, the player will be given the option whether to discard the dog whistle.


Location Localization Original Script
Glass window A stained-glass window. The pattern in the center resembles a witch.
The door to the entrance hall You've unlocked it.
Green herbs

There are green herbs growing here.

(Healthy) You don't need to use them now.

(Caution/Danger) But there's only enough for a few uses. Use them? Yes / No

You treated your wounds.





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