"Western Custom M37. Equipped with a special reload system and is effective for close range battle. It uses 12 gauge shot shells."
— Item examination - English
"ウエスタンカスタムM37 特殊なりロード機構を持つ近接戦で有効な武器だ 12ゲージショットシェルを使用する "
— Item examination - Japanese

Western Custom M37 (ウエスタンカスタム Uesutankasutamu?) is a lever-action shotgun in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Like the STI Eagle 6.0, the Western Custom M37 must be assembled from parts dropped by Nemesis.

Nemesis will drop its components, the M37 Parts A and the M37 Parts B, if Jill defeats him for the fourth and fifth time in any of the non-mandatory fights. Combining the parts will make the Western Custom.


The Western Custom M37 has a capacity of six shells, and is effective in close range. It features a higher firepower, a higher rate of fire and a shorter reload time than the standard Shotgun, but holds one less round. It is a recommended weapon against strong enemies, such as the Brain Sucker. With enough ammunition in hand, it can be an effective weapon against Nemesis.

Its main weakness is the inability to use Enhanced Shotgun Shells.

Further Notes

  • The Western Custom is featured with both the barrel and stock sawed off.
  • Its fast rate of fire and small capacity will make the player frequently reload.
  • Like all assembled weapons in Resident Evil 3, it will be already fully loaded when created.




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