Where it All Began is the fifteenth level in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps' "The Experiment" story mode.


Mission select

Beatrice Bertrand

When I woke up I found myself here. In Raccoon City. Well, a recreation of it at least. Right down to the zombies. Who'd make such a thing? ...Nope. No questions. That's just asking for trouble.
Just do what you're told.

Seems that even this town posed no threat to you. Not surprising.
They say the man known as the Grim Reaper survived this calamity.
He's a strong advocate for CQBZ. Maybe this is why.

Loading screen

Aug. 7, 2012

There isn't a soul alive who hasn't heard of what happened to this city. Now it exists as a phantom, a recreation of that fateful day.
Your ammo has been limited in homage.




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