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The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States, located in Washington D.C.


The White House began construction on October 13th, 1792 and was made ready for occupancy on November 1st, 1800. The West Wing was completed in 1902 and the first Oval Office was created in 1909. Every single US President since President John Adams in 1800 has resided in the White House.[1]

In October 1998, just after the conclusion of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the then-President held a White House press briefing in an attempt to explain his authorization of the Sterilization Operation that leveled the city. However, the overwhelming international governmental, public and media outrage over a lack of proper answers for a seemingly unwarranted bombing caused him to lose control of the situation and infamously walk out on the press. He announced his resignation shortly afterwards.[2]

In 2006, during the second term of the Graham Administration, a mole hacked into a White House LAN server and obtained classified files concerning a bio-research facility in Shanghai. The Defense Intelligence Agency immediately opened an investigation, overseen by President Graham, White House Chief of Staff Ryan, and United States Secretary of Defense Wilson. Graham ordered in four specially-selected federal agents, Patrick, Shenmei, Jason, and Leon Scott Kennedy, to conduct background checks of all White House staff who were in the building at the time of the hacking. However, the rogue element was still present in the White House, and proceeded to cut the power before infecting numerous staff members with a virus, turning them into zombies. The four agents coordinated with the Secret Service to escort President Graham into the Presidential Emergency Operations Center and clear out the zombies. The following day, USAMRIID confirmed that the bioweapon was a modified t-Virus strain, which, together with the DIA's findings, convinced President Graham of a Chinese assasination plot against him and led him to order a covert raid on the facility. The incident was covered up and all of the deceased White House staff, including White House Press Secretary Spacer, were declared as having gone on leave. In the subsequent days, this incident was revealed to have been part of a larger conspiracy masterminded by Wilson himself and TRICELL with the ultimate goal of displaying aggression towards China and closing a perceived bioweapons gap between the two countries. Wilson would subsequently be dismissed from his position in absentia following his going into hiding and become the target of a federal manhunt.[3]

In 2013, Kennedy met with President Adam Benford in the Oval Office, where Benford disclosed to Kennedy his intentions to publicly reveal the US Government's involvement with the Umbrella Corporation leading up to the Raccoon City incident during his speech at Ivy University in Tall Oaks on June 29th. While admitting that this would inevitably harm the United States' reputation, he believed that the country had to approach the fight against bioterrorism with honesty and cooperation with other nations in order to have a chance at success. Kennedy ultimately decided to remain at Benford's side regardless of the outcome.[4]