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The 2006 White House incident (tentative) was a plot by rogue elements of the Graham Administration to endanger the life of President Graham. A false flag operation, its goals were the establishing of an anti-Chinese alliance in South Asia and the continuation of the Pentagon's classified use of biological weaponry.[1]


Over the course of the 1990s, the US government had become aware that the People's Republic of China was developing a bioweapon. Following the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, however, the US' own bioweapons program was shut down and its order of bioweapons from Umbrella USA was cancelled. This effectively resulted in a bio-weapons gap, with the US at a disadvantage in both weapons research and defence.

Following the 2000 presidential election, the Graham Administration brought in a number of politicians and civil servants who were supportive of aggressive action against China, including Derek C. Simmons and Major General Wilson, the latter of whom served as Secretary of Defense. Immediately before the election, Wilson himself entered talks with Tricell and had overseen a top-secret human bio-weapons project from which he was handsomely paid. How much was known to the Department of Defense is uncertain. As the War on Terror shifted towards the use of bio-weapons, Wilson became an outspoken opponent of China, believing it to be responsible and that an anti-China alliance was crucial for defense.

Unable to convince Graham to take extreme action, Wilson and several others made plans to coordinate a series of threats to Graham's life which would be traced to the Chinese. The ultimate goal of the plot was to force Penamstan, a country bordering China, into an alliance with the US. From there the Penamstan's military was to be infected with a modified t-Virus strain which would make them both highly effective in combat while also rendering them totally dependent on the US to supply the necessary medication to prevent zombification.


In 2006, the plotters gained access to classified White House documents from a LAN server relating to China's bio-weapons facility in Shanghai, kickstarting a Defense Intelligence Agency investigation. Graham was unconvinced of Chinese involvement and ordered in four of the Defense Department's most decorated operators to conduct a background investigation into White House staff. Wilson initiated the second stage of the plan, with his agents infecting a number of employees with t-Virus and the turning off power. Recognising an attack, Graham was evacuated to the White House's underground bunker while the Zombies were euthanised.

The following day, USAMRIID confirmed the use of t-Virus in the attack. Coupled with the DIA investigation's findings, Graham was convinced of a Chinese assassination plot, and gave orders for a top-secret raid on the Shanghai facility. In the meantime, Wilson pushed on to the third part of the plan, in which Graham was to announce the alliance at a press event celebrating Penamstan's return to peace from its civil war.

The plot was ultimately a failure, with two of Wilson's agents betraying him during the Shanghai mission, followed by Graham being notified of Wilson's plan immediately prior to his speech.


As was US policy under the Graham Administration, the incident was subject to a cover-up. White House staff who were murdered or euthanised during the attack were placed on leave so news of their deaths would not be connected. Wilson himself was removed from his position in absentia and subject to a manhunt. He had himself become infected with the modified t-Virus strain during the plot, and became dependent on the medication provided by Tricell.


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