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White Queen

The White Queen's holographic avatar.

The White Queen was a state-of-the-art supercomputer developed for use in Umbrella Corporation facilities. It was designed as a counterpart to the Red Queen, which was based in Raccoon City. Like the Red Queen, the White Queen was also represented by the holographic avatar of a young girl. Unlike the Red Queen, however, the White Queen doesn't appear to act in any way that could be seen as malevolent; her appearance and sedate nature appears disarming at first sight. She also appears to have inherited a more accurate reflection of Angela's personality as well as a more human appearance, suggesting that she is a more advanced programme than the Red Queen was.


Active as late as 2007 during the Global T-virus Pandemic, White Queen assisted Dr. Alexander Isaacs in tracking Alice and monitoring the progress of the Alice clones. When confronted with the actions of the Red Queen, she defended the measures taken by her sister-computer during the T-virus outbreak in The Hive, saying that the Red Queen had taken the most logical steps to ensure the preservation of humanity.

When Issacs returned to the underground facility and mutated into a hideous Tyrant, the White Queen responded in a similar fashion to her sister by trapping him and the remaining employees within in an attempt to control the situation. In exchange for allowing Alice to use the equipment to concoct a Anti-virus from her blood, she aided the former Umbrella employee in defeating the mutated Isaacs by providing information. She sends Alice down into the lower levels of the facility to face him with a simple "good luck".

Further notes

  • The White Queen is benevolent in comparison to her "sister". The Red Queen is cruel, cold, calculating and manipulative, while the White Queen is polite, kind, caring and protective of the human race, this was demonstrated when Alice helps against the infected Dr. Sam J. Isaacs. The White Queen reveals that the cure of all the disaster on the planet is Alice's blood.
  • Unlike the Red Queen, the White Queen has a physical appearance less hostile and more human, compared with the Red Queen, who has a translucent scarlet appearance.
  • White Queen was originally to appear in 2002's Resident Evil, where she would explain the Global T-virus pandemic to Alice and Matt when they wake up in an Umbrella research lab at the end of the film. She was also to be described earlier in the film as having fought against the Red Queen in order to disable it, succeeding after 2.7 seconds.
  • In the novelization for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, it is revealed that the White Queen and the Red Queen are in fact the same AI. The White Queen had simply been a different avatar of the Red Queen used at the request of Isaacs. While there had been differences in appearance and personality, the White Queen had always been the Red Queen in truth.


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