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White Umbrella is the biological research division and covert bioweapons research department of the Umbrella Corporation.[1]


It was formed not long after the founding of Umbrella, when the Tissue-Repair Synthesis was completed by James Trenton Darius and Helen Black (who were subsequently killed for it). With the increased fortunes brought in by applying the Synthesis to military applications (namely the T-Virus), White Umbrella served as nothing more than a playground for Umbrella's top officials to flaunt their power and abuse their wealth and positions.


White Umbrella's fortunes meant it could maintain its own line of facilities and products, all in the name of the rest of mainstream Umbrella, and also possessed its own security forces e.g. a three-man clean-up crew team, and Ground Teams (of 4-men-each, and 170 teams at least).

Umbrella's officials also gave White Umbrella an enormous amount of authorization and free reign, allowing the department to perform covert investigations and spying missions on rivals, governments, intelligence & law-enforcement agencies, potential hazards etc., all to make sure as few people as possible know about Umbrella's dealings. To this end, they employ a wide variety of weapons and tactics to ensure they succeed, to sabotage, blackmail, discrediting and even murder. As a result, White Umbrella was entrusted by the corporation's top officials with the corporation's most valued secrets and private files & documents, most notably the White Umbrella Facility Complete Directory Code Books, of which only 3 are in existence. White Umbrella also disposes of employees whenever they have outlived their usefulness, or were found to have been a danger to Umbrella.


It finally met its end when Trent, the power behind the thrones of White Umbrella's leadership, was found to have been slowly crippling the department from within, all because Darius and Black were in fact his beloved parents and he sought revenge on all of Umbrella for their deaths. To this end, he engineered multiple characters on both sides of the conflicts between Umbrella and hostile law-enforcement personnel to destroy key Umbrella facilities and personnel, and slowly expose the company's true activities to the world. The most notable was the Raccoon City Incident. This inevitably resulted in the U.S. Government officially shutting Umbrella down and taking legal actions against its top officials, including White Umbrella's leaders.

If Albert Wesker, a former White Umbrella operative himself, succeeds in his plan to resurrect Umbrella, it is more likely, during his remodeling of the aging corporation, that White Umbrella will not be re-built.

Known Bases

  • Branch Offices
  • Facilities
  • HQ Office
  • Laboratories
  • Private Offices
  • Private Training Grounds
  • Secret Laboratories
  • Test Sites
  • WU-Connected Facilities

Known Personnel

(Personnel mentioned in the novels to be affiliated or working with White Umbrella at one point are detailed below)


  • Head/Senior Member Jackson Cortlandt a.k.a. "Mustache"
  • Head/Base Commander Jay Wallingford Reston a.k.a. "Mr. Blue" (deceased)
  • Head Sidney a.k.a. "Mr. Tea"
  • De-Facto Head/Agency Operative Victor Darius a.k.a. "Mr. Trent" (defected)
  • Japanese Financier Mikami
  • Japanese Financier Kamiya
  • The European "Boys"

Other Personnel


  1. Resident Evil: Underworld Chapter 3, "These operations fall into a division known as White Umbrella, and mostly have to do with bioweapons research."
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