Who's that lady? (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2 appearing in both Leon A and Leon B scenarios.


Leon S. Kennedy walks through the Raccoon Police Station's underground parking garage and is shot at by another survivor, Ada Wong. She quickly apologises, having mistaken him for a zombified police officer. Ada explains that she is in the parking garage because she wants to ask the imprisoned Ben Bertolucci about the strange goings-on in the city. Leon helps her push a police van so she can reach a door to the cell blocks.


Ada Wong: "Sorry about that. When I saw the uniform, I thought you're another zombie."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Who are you?"

Ada: "Ada Wong."

Leon: "And what are you doing here?"

Ada: "I'm looking for a guy named Ben. He is one of those reporter types—always looking for a scoop. I heard he was locked up in the cell block, only there's a wrecked car barring the entrance. I've been trying to find another way inside."
"If we work together, we can move this thing. Give me a hand here, will you?"

Ada Wong:「ごめんなさい 制服姿だからゾンビかと思ったの」

Leon S. Kennedy:「待て 君は?」

Ada:「エイダ ウォン」


Ada:「ベンという男を探しているの フリーの記者でかなりのキレ者らしいわ ・・・この奥の留置所にいるはずだけど― 車が このありさまでどうにも ならないわ」
「一緒に押せば何とかなりそうね 手伝って」


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