Further notes
"They come in extra large now!?"
— Leon

As expected, this variant bears a resemblance to other zombies. Most obvious is the same dying grey color of their flesh and markings that show likely bruising to the muscle tissue beneath it. Made apparent immediately, this creature's main identifier is its sheer size. Aside from being taller than the average male human, its body mass is also substantially greater than normal. The amount of fatty tissue is likely what makes these zombies considerably more resistant to gunfire than regular zombies, which have pieces of their body easily torn off. Having to support their gigantic bodies, the legs and feet of Whoppers have become swollen and weak, which now serves as their weak spots.

Its size also seems to give it the advantage of strength. It is shown being capable of easily knocking a person back with a single punch as well as lifting them up to head-level with extreme ease. Because of its bulk, this type of zombie is extremely durable. Although typically slow and lumbering, more so than normal zombies due to their size, they are capable of surprising bursts of speed as they charge at their intended prey.

The Whopper Supreme is identical to the Whoppers except for the difference in size, slightly more hitpoints and the remnants of a shirt.



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