The WildStorm universe (tentative) is a universe in the Resident Evil franchise occupied by characters created by the WildStorm Comics writers Ted Adams and Kris Oprisko. Nineteen comics were published by WildStorm, spread out over four series.


The universe is separated into four series, mostly overseen by Ted Adams. Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine, a five part anthological comic, was published shortly after Resident Evil 2's release in 1998 and continued until 2001 when it was sequeled by the four part Resident Evil: Fire and Ice storyline, featuring characters from the first series. Between these was the four part Resident Evil CODE:Veronica graphic novel series, which was a translation of Tinhangse Publishing's manhua series. The final entry in this universe was Resident Evil, a six part original story set around the time of Resident Evil 5.




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