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"We were foolish enough to think the zoo might provide refuge, but all that greeted us were approaching footsteps that shook the earth."

Wild Things, known in Japan as Roar (咆哮 Hōkō?) is the first storyline scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 - the first being a tutorial level.


Searching for a way out of the chaotic city, Cindy Lennox finds her way to the gates of the Raccoon Zoo. Reading a note on a sign mentioning an evacuation chopper, she realises that she must cross through the zoo to reach the extraction point.

The survivors unlock the gate and enter the deserted park, only to be attacked by a rogue "Zombie Elephant". Escaping it, they explore the park in search of Mr. Raccoon Medals, which are required to activate the power. Eventually, the survivors escape the zoo; after a brief fight with infected Lionesses. They are followed and are forced to kill the beast or become food, themselves.

The survivors make it to a tram and attempt to make their own way out. However, the tram stops violently as the rescue helicopter crashes nearby; killing forty refugees.


This Scenario is a bit hard for first time players especially on normal because it requires you to do a whole lot more. You will start by the gate entrance to the zoo. Head down the street (Take anything you think you need at the beginning) there might be a couple of zombies and go to the sign in front of the 'Elephant Restaurant' and there is a map, then go inside the building.

There are two options, either take the file at the end of the room to see the code of the gate or break the door behind you to find a wire cutter or something like that to open the gate (I prefer the code since it takes a lot less time instead of having to take down the door). Now head back to the gate and open it in whichever way you decided to do it. Now that you're in the zoo you will be greeted by a nice cutscene that introduces you to the Zombie Elephant.

After the cutscene you will be in control with the Zombie Elephant rather close to you, but for now just run as I doubt that for now you have the weaponry needed to take him down and you will have to make another choice to see who do you wanna fight at the end of the scenario but I'll get to that later... If you are far enough the Zombie Elephant will just go to another area for now, if you want you can go back to take a mixed green and red herb from Cindy who is now lying dead on the floor.

The next objective is to find all the Mr. Raccoon medals necessary to turn on the power (on easy difficulty this is not necessary as the power is already on) before you can start to do anything to escape. After you've inserted all the Raccoon medals then you can turn the power on but there is still a few more Mr. Raccoon medals needed to take an item that is needed to open the emergency exit of the zoo.

There is one part where you must make a choice between the Zombie Elephant boss fight or Zombie Lion boss fight. If you want to fight the lion you can either fight and kill Zombie Elephant or lock him up in the elephant cage - if the later, you must avoid being in the cage room for too long or he will escape. Locking the gate will make an item on top of it fall to the ground which is needed to open the emergency exit. The bosses are both pretty hard but if you have the rifle the lion only needs two shots from it and it will die (I'm not sure if it needs a bit more damage on harder difficulties). After you're done with the boss just walk to the tram and watch the final cutscene of the scenario.

Character-specific secrets

  • If the user plays as Mark, they can move the tour bus found in the east concourse and collect ammo, a file and have a spot to hide from the Zombie Elephant.
  • If the user plays as Alyssa, they can find a special note behind a flipped table in the Office and at the Tram. They can also open a locker in the same room of the flipped table and found a shotgun inside it.
  • If the user plays as Cindy, she may find a special note inside the restaurant, inside the counter. If the user DOESN'T play as Cindy or choose her as an ally she will be found dead, trampled upon by Zombie Elephant, in the area where the player finally enters the zoo, and there will be two herbs (Normal or mixed herbs) and a special item on her body.


Further notes

  • In the European version of File #2, when Cindy goes to read the Evac Plan, subtitles will show what she's reading. However, in the American version, a player has to read the file (which will give points)
  • The game would be easier to defeat if a player plays as Cindy and has David and Yoko as partners; Since David can make Combo Weapons (strangely, they deal more damage to T-infected animals) and he will stick up with Yoko (who stays behind Cindy most of the time) who will hold the raccoon coins if asked.


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