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"Huh? What a weird customer..."
— Will mistakes a t-Virus-infected citizen for a blood-covered drunk.

Will was an employee of Jack's Bar in Raccoon City, working as the bar's cook[2] and assisting with bartending duties.


On September 23, 1998, while working at the bar, Will was attacked by someone that he believed to be simply a "weird customer", and received a mortal wound to the throat.[3] He managed to throw his assailant out of the bar and back onto the street before collapsing to the floor from his injury.

Will remains sitting on the floor, bleeding out profusely and unable to move as the game begins. Any survivor attempting to assist him will comment that he is beyond aid. After the zombies eventually break down the door, Will becomes their first target of those within the bar.[3] Evidently he is infected and survives in a comatose state while undergoing mutation. If the player remains for too long in the bar's main salon, Will wakes up and attacks the survivors.


"What are you doing?!?"
— Will is grabbed and mauled across the throat by a zombie.

Will is unlocked by completing the scenario Outbreak on VERY HARD difficulty. He is Number 13 in the Costume sub-menu and costs 3000 points to purchase.[1] Alternatively, he is already unlocked in File #2 and can be purchased for a much lower price (300 points), and can be made playable without purchasing with the use of the Data Convert.

Will is a Jim-type character and has a vitality of 1500 constitution. With an infection rate of 2.21% per minute, he has considerably less time to clear scenarios than other characters, with 60 minutes, if not taken any damage or stopped with the use of a healing item or Anti-Virus. To help the player, his starting item is a Recovery Medicine. His speed and damage multiplier are very high, at 98% and 0.97, respectively.

There is actually another Will in the game's data that can only be played with a Gameshark or a similar device. However, this Will is used for the zombie version and normally has no proper stats for a playable version, making him unable to cause damage to enemies and run very slowly. This can be corrected with stat modifier codes designed for him and similar "no stat" NPCs.

Further notes[]

  • If one waits long enough in the bar's main salon, he will eventually awaken as a zombie. After this occurs, Will becomes harder to kill than regular zombies and will constantly run at his target.  Will is fought as a zombie again in Outbreak File #2's minigame, Elimination 1.
  • His diary can be found as a special item and it is implied that he had a crush on Cindy. It is hinted through her comments that she cared for him and was stricken with grief over his untimely death, although Will seemed to have been something more of a brother figure to Cindy.
  • While playing as Mark, if the player stays in the bar after Will's death for a certain amount of time, a special cutscene will play showing Mark shouldering Bob, watching in horror as Will mutates into a zombie. This scene is required to see in order to obtain the 100% Event Checklist.




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