Will's heroic feat is an article in Resident Evil Recollections. It was uploaded on 12 January 2017.


Will is the bartender that appears during the opening of Resident Evil Outbreak, where he is bitten after mistaking a zombie that stumbles into the bar as nothing more than a strange-looking customer. He might have otherwise been a forgettable character, but his actions at the beginning are nothing less than heroic.

Without skipping a beat, he manages to push the zombie out of the bar, and lock the door, buying the players some precious time to get their thoughts in order, not to mention an opportunity to grab some of the useful items around the bar!

If you play as Mark you'll also get to see a bonus clip of Will turning into a zombie; I tended to use Kevin so I only found out about this much later.

「BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK」のオープニングに登場するバーテンダーのウィル。店内に入ってきたゾンビを様子の変な客だと思って対応しようとした際に噛みつかれてしまいます。こんなファーストバイトはご遠慮したいのですが、特筆すべきはその後の行動!



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