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William Birkin's psychological evaluation is a document by the Umbrella Psychological Evaluation Unit detailing their background study on Dr. William Birkin in the lead-up to the 1998 Raccoon City incident.[1]


Closing Comments

Birkin continues to exhibit a strange mixture of mania and extreme reserve. Watching him talk about
his work is like watching an internal battle take place as one part of him wants to dazzle with the
detail and scale, whilst the other wants to keep it all hidden within.

His obsessive talk of ‘the future' is worrying as well. He refuses to provide any real information
or idea of what he believes this future will hold for him, and yet… he also seems to see this future
as a truly great place for him and his family.

He is incredibly tired. His work ethic is commendable – but how long can he work at this pace before
mistakes are made? The fact that he became very agitated when questioned about the past is a sign of
this fatigue – particularly the conversation relating to the local police force.

In the opinion of this department, Umbrella should continue to keep an extremely close eye on Dr.
William Birkin and ensure that his psychological evaluations take place at much more regular
intervals. Our suggestion is to schedule a new evaluation next month. Perhaps things will have
settled down a little by then.

Umbrella Psychological Evaluation Unit

Further notes[]


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