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William Birkin, otherwise referred to simply as G, is featured as an enemy in Resident Evil 2, the story being reimagined for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 2 remake.

Moveset Edit

Name Damage Stage Description
Iron Pipe (鉄パイプ Tetsu paipu?) 30+15 G-1
Iron Pipe, strong (鉄パイプ・強 Tetsu paipu-kyō?) Instant Death G-1
Claw (ツメ tsume?) 15+15 G-2
Grab (つかみ tsukami?) 5 G-2
Piercing (突き刺し tsukisashi?) 30 G-2
Claw (ツメ tsume?) 20+20 G-3
Repeated claw (連続ツメ renzoku tsume?) 15+15+5+5 G-3
Two-handed thrust (両手突き morotedzuki?) 0 G-3
Body blow (体当たり karada atari?) 20 G-4
Claw (ツメ tsume?) 15+15


Jump biting (跳びかみつき tobi kamitsuki?) 15 G-4
Trample (ふみつけ himitsuke?) 30 G-4
Chew (かみくだき kamikudaki?) 70-100 G-4
Tentacle (触手 Shokushu?) G-5
Biting (かみつき Kamitsuki?) 40 G-5


Stage 1 Edit


As this form does not possess any natural weapons, G1 instead makes use of his superhuman strength to tear a pipe from a guardrail to swing about and attack with. The monster can swing the pipe in a powerful two-swing attack, or raise it and bring the pipe crashing down with enough force to kill a character in one hit. Once defeated, it will hit the air with the barrel for a few seconds, so wait until it drops off the platform railing before it can pass.


G1 now can throw his pipe, or swing it multiple times in rapid succession. The creature is also more clever; when Claire and Leon jump on top of a structure, rather than trying to climb to reach them, G merely smashes their platform, shaking it and throwing off their aim, before striking one of them with the tip. Lastly, after throwing its pipe, it will pick up a character and strangle them to death. If stopped, G will drop them off the side of the bridge before repeatedly swinging at them.

RE2make Machinery (8)

In remake, G1 will perform a three-swing as its standard attacks. It will become far more aggressive when its large eyeball is exposed, relentlessly pursuing the player until it gets the opportunity to grab them. Upon getting grab, one must use a Sub-weapon to free from its grip, otherwise it will deal heavy damage. At some time, G will hide itself from the fog to conceal, in order to surprise the player for an ambush.

Stage 2 Edit

The creature's attacks include:

  1. A double swipe where it hook swings at you then backhands;
  2. A single hook swipe;
  3. If the character stands still it will stab straight and/or;
  4. If the character stands still it will hook punch with its left hand.
  5. If the character is on low health, G2 will perform a gut stab incredibly similar to that of the Tyrant (T-002 Model) from the previous game. As a matter of fact, the second stage has often been compared to a Tyrant.

It will perform 3 swings with its large claws or perform a straight stab. During the fight with G2, the player can also use the Proposed Water Purification Room's large crane against it to deal hefty damage. One must be careful as failing to avoid the crane trap being set against G2 will result in an instant death. Aside from that, G2 can also perform a grab attack, one must use a sub-weapon to be free or else will result again in an instant death where G2 will throw the player out of the map.


All the player really have to do is aim for the eye, and when that's closed, his head. There are no dodge prompts here, so the only way to stop him from hitting is to do enough damage to him to stun him. G2 will try to hit you once, and if he succeeds, he'll prepare for a backhand. When the monster back is facing the player, there's a small eye on one side of his back, so shoot for that if can. When G2 health is about halfway down, run a bit to one of the walkways. He'll jump up at the player, so have to shoot him enough to stop him from hitting. Keep shooting him until he falls, but be careful, because there will be a licker to kill right after this.

RE2make Propopopo (2)

The place where the battle takes place has a container, which the player must use to knock it down after doing enough damage to it. If use it before, G2 will be able to recover and his will have to drop it again to use the container again, which may take a while to come. And be very careful, do not stand towards the container when using it, or the player will die instantly too. In Standard mode, knocking Birkin down twice when shooting one of the orange eyes should be enough to use the container and eliminate it once and for all. In Hardcore mode, the playermust knock it down at least three times. The flamethrower and Magnum are very good weapons with Leon, while with Claire the submachine gun helps a lot because it is fast.

Stage 3 Edit


This stage has similar attacks to its previous stage. Mostly G3 attacks through single swipes with its massive upper arms, and jumps great distances. Also, if it walks towards its victims with its arms spread, it will attack with a powerful 4-hit combo. Its two death scenes involve it impaling the victim with its lower arms before shredding them with its upper arms, or decapitating them. Try never to stay at the end of the corridors, so as not to be trapped.

William Birkin (7)

G3 will perform powerful jumping slashes and is very acrobatic than in the original game. It will even perform a roundhouse kick, as well as a swipe with two arms (i.e. both right arms). As always, shoot the eye, although it's smaller and harder to hit now. If the player have a hard time doing that, just aim for his head/chest with a powerful weapon. If run from the monster, he'll come from above and attack the player, then his'll go to another walkway. Be prepared for button prompts. After the player defeat this form, he'll fall over the edge.

RE2make Bioreactor Room (10)

The creature retain most of its regular attacks of the original Resident Evil 2 but now, at some time, it will grab a debris to throw at the player. Destroying its eyeballs while it is grabbing something to throw will interrupt it from doing so. When grabbed, the player must use a sub-weapon or else, G3 will instantly kill the player by viciously ripping the player character to shreds with its sharp claws. If playing as Claire, creating acid grenade rounds will make the battle a cakewalk because acid rounds temporarily stun William. In Hardcore, about 30 rounds will be enough to defeat William.

Stage 4 Edit

B5F cargo room (16)

This stage moves around with an odd gait, often compared to a dog or wolf. It jumps about from pillar-top to pillar-top, and often jumps down in front of a character. It will either swipe at them with a small forearm, or more dangerously, it will grab them and gnaw them with its massive fangs. In some endings, this is the final boss. It is important to be careful not to be "chewed" by it as this blow can kill instantly depending on the status of Leon or Claire.

William Birkin (8)

This stage is slightly revised. Now it can climb walls and is much, much larger than it was before. The many fangs in its maw now twitch and it expels acidic slime from its mouth. The stage mostly employs pouncing from a great height onto Leon and Claire, occasionally destroying sections of the walkway. The creature eventually grabs one of them in order to devour the victim head-first, but fails. Eventually, one of its pounces fractures the walkway, causing the survivors to shoot at it while it dangles. The monster then slaps the catwalk and knocks them down to its level, allowing it to attack with acidic vomit and slashing with its massive talons. In a short time, G4 falls off the catwalk and vanishes from sight.

RE2make Turntable (11)

In remake, it shares a similar moveset like the ones from The Darkside Chronicles, while battling it on the Turntable, it will climb on the walls on some occasions before jumping down to crush the player. The player can also prevent G4 from climbing at walls, causing it to fall down. At some time, it will crouch before charging forward to deal heavy damage.

Stage 5 Edit

Umbrella Train (Rear Carriage) (12)

This final form attacks using its massive tentacles and swiping through the train car in an attempt to push a character into his mouth. The creature is also pulling itself into the train, giving this fight a time limit: if the monster isn't killed after a certain time has passed, it will catch and devour Leon or Claire. However, if Leon or Claire is out of ammo/does not have any weapons and the monster comes close to them, the monster will die on its own.


G5 is more powerful, and much more aggressive. It fights by hurling wreckage of the train car at the characters, as well as using claw-tipped tentacles to slash at the players. The monster also has two incredibly bizarre attacks: it can vomit up recently consumed zombies to fight the characters, and eject its own mouth, extending it to about ten feet before striking the players.

G5 battle RE 2 remake

Use whatever is left against him, then shoot nonstop. Save the strong weapons for when he opens the giant orange eye in the center. Keep your distance, because if it reaches the player, it's instant death. The player must keep on firing and attacking G5 until its large eyeball is exposed to completely defeat it.

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