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For William Birkin from the mainstream Resident Evil series, see William Birkin.

Dr. William Birkin was an Umbrella virologist who took part in the G-Virus research project under Raccoon City. He is the husband of Annette Birkin and the father of Sherry Birkin.


Dr. William Birkin was assigned to work on the G-Virus project.[citation needed] During September 1998 he was infected with the G-Virus and mutated, the reason of the infection is unknown[note 1]

In the story, he is encountered by Elza Walker in the factory where he makes his appearance by calling for his daughter, "Sherry" and he is also fought by Leon S. Kennedy in the Underground Labs. He attacks the duo numerous times in the lab and is confronted for the last time in the Umbrella Train.





  1. so far according to information we have it is unexplained and its unknown if he was attacked by the U.S.S. Like the final game
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