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Wilson is an American mutant and retired Major General and politician who served as Secretary of Defence for the Graham Administration. Wilson was implicated as the ringleader of a massive conspiracy to create a private army of slaves.


In the 1990s Wilson was a Colonel in the U.S. Army, and may have been privy to the Pentagon's classified bioweapons project. Like Derek C. Simmons, he had deep suspicions of Chinese military build-up and its own theoretical bioweapons project, and remained supportive of biowarfare following the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Wilson and perhaps others conspired with the pharmaceutical giant, Tricell, to develop in secret a replacement bioweapons project. Unlike traditional B.O.W.s which were to replace soldiers on the battlefield, Wilson instead wanted a supersoldier project which would improve the combat effectiveness of infantrymen using a modified t-Virus.[1]

In 2000, one squad of U.S. Army operators, "Alpha Two", were infected with a mutagenic virus that increased their physical strength and combat performance. A side-effect of this virus was the onset of Cannibal Disease if regular doses of antiretroviral drugs were not provided. During the US intervention in the Penamstan Civil War, Wilson deployed this squad to test their performance in the field; the test went awry when their helicopter was shot down and the incapacitated soldiers became Zombies. To prevent an uncontrolled outbreak, the city the were sent to was scorched by MK77s on Wilson's orders and satellite footage of cannibalistic murders were deleted. A second squad of soldiers, the "Mad Dogs", were infected during an attempt to rescue Alpha Two, and were provided with the antiretroviral drugs in exchange for their continued silence. Following the swift conclusion of the conflict, Wilson was promoted to Major General.

Political career[]

At some point following the 2000 Presidential election, Wilson was picked by Graham to serve in his Administration as the Secretary of Defense. As it is unknown when he received this position, he may or may not have been in the position during the 9/11 terrorist attacks which triggered the War on Terror. Using his new-found influence within the Department of Defense, Wilson continued his deal with Tricell, and over the next several years a massive research complex was in operation beneath Andrews Air Force Base, where it was used to store hundreds of soldiers abducted and infected with the virus.[2]

In 2006, Wilson put into action a false flag operation to influence anti-Chinese military alliances in Asia. Having bought the loyalty of a number of White House employees and at least two Secret Service agents, confidential files relating to a suspected Chinese bio-weapons facility in Shanghai were stolen from a LAN server and the virus released, giving the impression that China planted a spy in the White House who attempted to assassinate President Graham. This was enough to convince the President to agree to Wilson's proposal of maintaining permanent military occupation of Penamstan as a bulwark against China. In reality, Wilson's plans for Penamstan were to provide them with his supersoldiers and get rich selling them the drugs. Though finely crafted, conspiracy was ultimately foiled by federal agents, and he was seriously wounded in an attack by Jason, one of the mutant veterans he had silenced in Penamstan. The attack triggered the facility's security system, which began systematically exterminating the hundreds of victims of Wilson's project to prevent an outbreak. This gave him a distraction to escape, though was now on the run and left with a life-time dependency on Tricell's drugs.[2]



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