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"It represents wind."
— 1996 item description.
"There's an icon depicting wind."
— 2002 item description.

The Wind Crest (ウインドクレスト uindo kuresuto?) is a key item in Resident Evil, and of the four crests collected in the game.


The purpose of the four crests differs considerably between the original and remake versions of Resident Evil. In the original, these crests are to be taken to the passage to the shed and placed on a wall relief to gain access to the shed.

While it was intended to be the same in the remake, a late-development change reworked the puzzle entirely and, instead, the four crests are instead used on a gravestone in the cemetery to obtain the Magnum Revolver.


In the original Resident Evil, the Wind Crest is recovered from the tiger statue room after placing the Blue Jewel in the statue's eye. In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, this is instead awarded after completing the large gallery puzzle. In the remake, it is found in the researcher's private room on level 2F after completing the Bee Lure puzzle.[1]




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