For other items sharing the same pre-examine name, see Clock T. Key.

"It's a key ornamented with a clock part. It has a screw shaped ornament to put a round shaped object."
— Item examination

The Winder Key is a key item featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Before examination, its name is simply Clock T. Key.


Winder Bezel Key location

Winder Key possible location

There are two different locations for the Winder Key, depending on the player's choice on the live selection in the tram. If Jill's starting point after the cable car crash was the Courtyard, then this key can be found in the Chapel. Otherwise, its location is behind a loose painting in the Bedroom.


The door that this key can open is located in the Dance hall and leads to the Dining room. In the case that Jill's starting location is the Bedroom, the door that this key can open leads to the Study and is located in the Living room.

Jill must combine the Winder Key with the Chronos Chain, found in the Machine room after solving the music box puzzle, to obtain the Chronos Key. Jill cannot discard the key after she opens the only door it can.




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