The Wing Shooter is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 6. It is Leon's unique primary weapon, fixed with laser sight. Leon is actually equipped with two of this weapon, and is able to skillfully fire both of them simultaneously. 


Alternate Fire Dual-Wield
Shots Per Clip 18 / 36
Power 120
Critical Chance 8
Reload Speed A
Firing Speed A
Firing Speed (Alt. Fire) A+

At a glance, the Wing Shooter looks to be a normal handgun with a larger-than-average capacity, slightly underwhelming damage output and perhaps reduced recoil. However, there is more to this weapon than meets the eye. The Wing Shooter's primary advantage is that the player possesses two of them, and they can be wielded simultaneously. The latter makes for a different weapon altogether.

With alternate-fire toggled, the Wing Shooter sacrifices accuracy for pure firepower. A handgun typically only used on the zombies finds a use in many roles, from mowing down a group of zombies to fending off the Lepotica. When using this weapon, the Quick Shot mechanic is improved and the player can fire off several Quick Shots in succession, albeit abusing that is not the best of ideas. Instead, this weapon is best used as either a basic zombie-killing tool or as a makeshift submachine gun

When first dual-wielded, the other pistol will always be unloaded, thus the default capacity will remain and will only fill up half a dual magazine. This is fixed when reloaded, after that switching to single-wielding and back does not affect the magazine capacity. Players should take notice of this and reload the weapons when attempting to utilize this mode.

It has the weakest firepower of all handguns, but also has the largest capacity when the alternative fire is turned on, and when combined with skills related to firepower, it can surely be a deadly weapon.

In The Mercenaries, Leon uses this as his primary weapon in his default costume.

Strategy and Recommended Skills

First of all, the Wing Shooter is Leon's basic weapon at the start of the game. It is recommended against Zombies and Zombie Dogs but tends to be almost useless against stronger enemies such as the Lepotica due to its limited stopping power. When facing against weaker enemies such as zombies, it is recommended to perform a headshot to stun it and then get close to it to perform a throw to conserve ammo as some zombies may be persistant to gunfire. With the right skills equipped, the Wing Shooter can be a deadly weapon. The second Wing Shooter can act as reserve bullets if the player runs out of ammo.

The recommended skills for this weapon are:

  • Firearm Lv 1/2/3 (Increases the firepower for the weapons. Greatly increases it at maximum level.)
  • Rock Steady Lv 1/2 (Reduces the recoil of weapons. Greatly reducing it at maximum level. Recommended for the Wing Shooter due to its firing speed.)
  • Lock On Lv 1/2 (Steadies the aiming when firing the weapon. Recommended for the Wing Shooter due to its tendency to move away from the target especially at long ranges. Greatly steadies it at maximum level.)
  • Critical Hit Lv 1/2/3 (Increases the chance to get a critical hit. Recommended for headshots. Greatly increases the chance at maximum level.)
  • Handgun Master (Greatly increases the firepower for handguns.)

When skills related with firepower are equipped, the Wing Shooter can be quite powerful and can even stagger the Ustanak from the final shot of the quick shot when dual-wielding it. With the Lock-On and Rock Steady equipped, the greatly reduced recoil and steady aiming can be useful for those who uses the weapon at mid range and firing the weapon faster.

Other appearance

The following are also VP70s or weapons with similar design according to which games they appear in:

  • Resident Evil 2: Handgun
  • Resident Evil 4: Matilda
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesMatilda
  • Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City: Matilda
  • Resident Evil 2 (remake): Matilda


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