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For the deleted Resident Evil 4 enemy, see Witch (Stylish).

The Witches were a variety of chimeric organism created by the Mold. They were a hybrid, sentient organism resulting from the fungus' DNA assimilation abilities, having both human and fly traits. None of the Witches were capable of reproduction, and their race is understood to be extinct as of 2021.


The Witches arose at some point prior to 1958, and were the result of human experimentation by Alcina Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda. Three women, likely maids of Dimitrescu, were brought to the castle, put in a comatose state and forced to become host to Cadou parasites. The Cadou, a parasitic nematode altered by the Mold, then laid hundreds of eggs, out of which arose Mold-derived imitations that closely resembling that of blowfies. The Mold flies then consumed the human bodies and assimilated their DNA. When they completed their feast after a period of a week, they then merged together in the Mold back into human form. The three awoke, though no longer had memories of their previous selves. Dimitrescu chose to treat the three as though her biological daughters and they were raised as such. Though capable of turning back into a sub-colony of imitation flies if needed, the three typically kept in their human forms, dining with their mother and eating food provided by the staff in the human manner.[1] They did, however, share in their mother's need to prey on humans, and by 2021 had consumed the entire staff. They were eventually killed by Ethan Winters in February of that year, when he ventured into Castle Dimitrescu in search of his daughter, Rose.


Due to their ability to change their form between human and an imitation blowfly swarm, the Witches were for the most part immune to offensive attacks. Their only real weakness was the cold, particularly temperatures below 10°C. Due to the mountain climate, this restricted their hunting grounds most of the year to within the castle itself for protection. When exposed to these low temperatures, the Mold entered a hibernative state which rendered them vulnerable. Severe injury while in this form could do enough damage to kill the individual.


In the Maiden visual demo, at least two Witches appear patrolling the castle - one blonde and another a brunette. The blonde Witch, Bela, appears whenever the Maiden picks up the Maroon Ring. She will also try to cut the Maiden off whenever she tries to return to the dining room with the Courtyard Key. When attacking, Bela will have flies buzzing around her that will constantly damage the Maiden when she is close. She can also glide towards the Maiden and teleport short distances in order to grab the Maiden or use her sickle on her. Doors can only slow her down, as she will eventually phase through them. Entering the dining room or returning to the room that has the ladder whenever Bela is in combat will cause her to disappear.


Further notes

  • The three Witches are inspired by the so-called "Brides of Dracula" in Bram Stoker's Dracula. These women are vampires who live with Count Dracula at his castle as part of his pseudo-family. In the novel, they are eager to both seduce and consume Jonathan Harker and have to be silenced by the Count himself, who instead presents them with an infant for sustenance.