Women squaring off is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A scenario.


Annette Birkin: "Who are you? Oh, I see. Another spy sent by Umbrella, right? Let me guess: you're here to steal my husband's G-Virus, aren't you? You are tenacious—I'll give you that."

Claire Redfield: "Husband...? Then you must be Annette. Sherry's mother?"

Annette: "What?"

Claire: "Sherry's wandering around alone in the sewers. You have to help me find her!"

Annette: "That's impossible. I told her to go to the police station. What's she doing here?! William will be after her!"

Claire: "William?"

Annette: "That's right. The creature that's been causing all this destruction is none other than my own husband..."

Hunk:[notes 1] "This way."

William Birkin: "It's sheer perfection... My precious G-virus, no one will ever take you away from me."

Hunk: "There he is!"

William: "So, you've finally come."

Hunk: "Doctor, we're here to collect the G-virus sample."

William: "Sorry, but I won't just hand over my life's work."

Hunk: "Stop it! You might hit the sample! That's it all right. Okay, let's move out!"

Annette: "William! Oh, my... Hold on, darling... I'm taking care of that bullet wound first. Stay here!"

USS Member 1: "Alpha Team, have you retrieved the sample yet?"

Hunk: "Affirmative! We'll be at the rendezvous point in one minute."

USS Member 1: "Roger!"

Claire: "Are you telling me that he injected the G-virus into his own body?!"

Annette: "The G-virus has the ability to revitalise cellular functions."

(roar and gunfire)

USS Member 2: "Wh-wh-what was that?"

USS Member 1: "Something's wrong. Let's check it out! Over there!"

Hunk: "Shoot it! Eat this, you freak!"

USS Member (Hunk's Partner): "The bullets... aren't stopping it!"

Hunk: "What is this thing?"

USS Member (Hunk's Partner): "Nooaaaaargh!"

USS Member 1: "Hurry!"

USS Member 2: "Wh-what is this thing?"

USS Member 1: "Fire! Fire! You son of a...! Aaargh... aaaah!"

Claire: "So, those rats were the carriers of the virus?"

Annette: "As a result of his virus-induced transmutation, William should have lost any prior memories he had as a human by now. I tried to save him but I'm afraid it's already too late."

Claire: "But..."

Annette: "And that's not even the entire story. Every G-virus bio-weapon, including William, has the ability to implant embryos into other life forms. That's why he is after Sherry..."

Claire: "What're you trying to say?"

Annette: "The bodies of individuals with non-related genetic coding are likely to reject the embyro, but since Sherry is his daughter, that possibility is non-existent... it's an inherent survival instinct."

Sherry Birkin: "Aaaaah!"

Claire: "It's Sherry! You go that way!"

Annette Birkin:「誰? ・・・分かったわ アンブレラのスパイね? 夫のG-ウィルスが目的でしょう? しつこい奴等だわ!」

Claire Redfield:「夫・・・? じゃ あなたはアネット・・・ シェリーの母親ね?」

Annette: *ad-lib*

Claire:「シェリーがここで消えたのよ! 今探してるんだけど・・・」

Annette:「そんなバカな!? 警察署に行けと言ったのに なぜこんな所へ? ウィリアムが狙ってるのよ!」


Annette:「そうよ・・・ その街を地獄に変えたのは私の夫に他ならないわ・・・」


William Birkin:「美しい・・・ 私の"G"だ 誰にも渡すものか・・・」



Hunk:「博士 "G"を渡して下さい」

William: 「悪いが・・・ それは出来ない」

Hunk:「止めろ "G"に当たる! これだな よし行くぞ!」

Annette:「ウィリアム! 何て事・・・! しっかり・・・ 今すぐ手当てを 待ってて」

USS Member 1:「Aチーム サンプルの回収は?」

Hunk:「成功だ 予定のポイントで合流を」

USS Member 1:「了解」




USS Member 2:「今のは?」

USS Member 1:「様子がおかしい 行くぞ!」

Hunk:「喰らえ 化け物!」

USS Member (Hunk's Partner):「まるで効いていないぞ!」


USS Member (Hunk's Partner): *ad-lib*

USS Member 1:「急げ!」

USS Member 2:「・・・こいつは?」

USS Member 1:「撃て 撃つんだ! 畜生!」


Annette:「ウィリアムは"G"の作用で― 人間としての記憶や理性をすべて失っているわ 何とか助けようとしたけどもう手後れよ・・・」


Annette:「それだけじゃないわ 今やウィリアムの目的は― 他の生物を宿主にして子孫を増やす事なのよ それでシェリーを・・・」


Annette:「宿主との遺伝子情報が近いほど優れる子孫を作れるわ 実の娘であるシェリーなら願っても無い宿主・・・ それを本能で知っているのよ」

Sherry Birkin: *ad-lib*

Claire:「シェリーよ! あなたは向こうを探して!」


While there are only four USS members in this cutscene, during gameplay the player can find five corpses in the sewers, and two additional corpses in the Lab.

  1. it is never explicitly stated that this character is Hunk, but he is the main USS member in this cutscene, and also he is the only one without a death scene shown

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