Women squaring off is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire B scenario.


Claire Redfield: "Are you all right? What happened?"

Annette Birkin: "Get away from me!"

Annette: "You just want my husband's G-sample, don't you? But no one will take that away from me. No one!"

Claire: "Husband? Then you must be Annette."

Annette: "Huh? How did you...?"

Claire: "We don't have time for that. Sherry is lost somewhere in the sewer system; I have to find her."

Annette: "What...? I told her to go to the police building. Why is she here? Now Sherry and the G-sample are both in danger. Ah..."

Claire: "What did she mean by that? Does Sherry have the G-sample?"

Claire Redfield:「あなた どうしたの?」

Annette Birkin:「触るな!あなたも"G"が狙いね 夫の"G"は誰にも渡さないわ!」

Claire:「・・・夫? じゃあ あなたはアネット?」


Claire:「そんなことはいいわ シェリーがこの下水道にいるの たった一人よ!」

Annette:「そんな・・・ 警察署へ逃げろといったのにどうして・・・ シェリーも"G"も狙われるわ・・・!」

Claire:「・・・どういう事? シェリーが"G"を?」


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