Women squaring off is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon B scenario.


Annette Birkin: "Don't move. You're the one who was with that cop if I'm not mistaken. Identify yourself."

Ada Wong: "Ada. Ada Wong."

Annette: "Ada Wong...? I've heard that name before. Now I remember: one of the men who came from Chicago to assist the t-virus research used his girlfriend's name as his password. 'Ada and John' I believe."

Ada: "How did you know?! Who are you?"

Annette: "Annette Birkin. My husband is the man responsible for the creation of the t-Virus - William Birkin."

Ada: "What?"

Annette: "John's dead. He became one of those zombies... My condolences. And although I regret this, you will be joining him shortly. I won't let anyone take the G-Virus away from me."

Ada: "G-Virus?"

Annette: "It's capable of creating the ultimate bio-weapon. Its potential is even greater than that of the t-Virus."

Ada: "That must mean the creature in the police department is..."

Annette: "Precisely. My husband William. And it's all Umbrella's fault. None of this would've happened if they hadn't tried to steal his research away from him."
"Where did you get that pendant?! It looks exactly like the one I gave Sherry."

Ada: "She dropped it. I've been holding onto it for her."

Annette: "Liar! Give it back to me!"

Ada: "Too bad."

Annette Birkin:「動くな! さっき 警官といっしょだった女ね 名前は?」

Ada Wong:「エイダ エイダ ウォン」

Annette:「エイダ ウォン・・・? 聞いた事ある名だわ 確か・・・ T-ウィルス研究の手伝いにシカゴから来た男が― "エイダ&ジョン"というパスワードを」

Ada:「なぜそれを・・・ あなたは一体?」

Annette:「アネット バーキンよ T-ウィルスを生んだウィリアムの妻といえばわかるかしら?」


Annette:「ジョンなら死んだわ ゾンビになって・・・ でも 悲しむことはないわ すぐに会えるのだから・・・ G-ウィルスを狙う者はみな 死ぬのよ」


Annette:「最強のウィルス兵器よ 出来損ないのゾンビを生み出すT-ウィルスとは訳が違うわ」

Ada:「じゃ 警察署で見たあの化け物が・・・」

Annette:「その通り 夫のウィリアムよ アンブレラのせいで あんな姿に・・・ 奴らがあんな事をしなければ夫の研究は成功していたのよ!」
「そのペンダントをどこで!? 娘に あげたものだわ!」

Ada:「落としたから 預かってるのよ」

Annette:「ウソよ 返しなさい!」



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