Worry is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played at the beginning of Jake Chapter 5.


When Sherry and Jake woke up, they found themselves bound up as hostages. Sherry apologized to Jake for trusting Simmons and not seeing through his lies. Jake remind her that she was just following orders. He thought she was doing the right 3 things; Finding vaccine, save the world, and deal is done. But suddenly, they hear the alarm sound when the two intruders infiltrate and save them as the lock begins to opened.


Sherry: I'm sorry.
I trusted Simmons.
I should've been able to see through his lies.
This is all my fault.

Jake: You were just following orders, right?
I thought you were doing the right thing.
Find the vaccine, save the world and all that.

Sherry: ごめんなさい...
全部 私のせいだわ

Jake: シモンズに言われたからやってたのか?



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