The Worship Area is a location in Resident Evil 5, comprising most of Chapter 4-2. Before player can assume their role in this area, a cutscene will play involving Albert Wesker, Excella Gionne and Jill Valentine.


The area's consist with two large lenses that concentrate sunlight into harsh beams.


Player begins by walking up the stairs. Player can find two barrels which can be broken that contains; Hand Grenade and Gold (small). Walking ahead, player will find a large wall with three empty slots. Player will need to find three missing emblem; Sea Emblem, Sky Emblem and Earth Emblem which can be found by searching throughout the Worship Area. As player about to move on, a small cutscene will play that show that the large lenses are now active.

Player can proceed to the left side area of the Worship area, and into the small wooden passage. Player can find two barrels that can be broken, finding random items. From this point on, the Giant Majini will appear to attack. Player can head up through the small stairs, where three Majini armed with arrow. The Sea Emblem can be picked up from there.

After obtaining the first Emblem, player can venture into the beams passage avoiding it along the way. There will be a green herb located on a long straight beams path. Player can turn left and head toward the gap which Sheva can jump through with the assist from Chris. As Chris, player can wait until Sheva can retrieve the Sky Emblem while holding attack from another Giant Majini.

Player can then run through the long straight beam path. Though, they can avoid it by staying temporary under the cover at the middle of the path. From there, player can head toward the right to another beam path, finding other barrels along the way. The path toward the last emblem is to the left further in, guarded by Majini armed with shields and spears. There's also another Green Herb not far from the Emblem position.

After obtaining the entire Emblem, player can head back and fill the slots which the wall can now be open. Player can head up stairs toward the tops. Before reaching the doors toward the Pyramid, player can shoot down the Diamond (Trilliant).


Location Action Localization Original Script
Slots for the Emblem Investigate Looks like there are slots for three items...
About to pick up Sky emblem Investigate Picked up Sky emblem.
About to pick up Sea emblem Investigate Picked up Sea emblem.
About to pick up Earth emblem Investigate Picked up Earth emblem.
Slots for the emblem (With the Sky emblem) Investigate Inserted Sky emblem.
Slots for the emblem (With the Sea emblem) Investigate Inserted Sea emblem.
Slots for the emblem (With the Earth emblem) Investigate Inserted Earth emblem.

The Mercenaries

It appears in The Mercenaries mini-game as Ancient Ruins.



Main Game



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