"An instrument to wrench hex-shaped objects or bolts"

The wrench is a tool that is found in various Resident Evil games. First appearing in Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine can find the wrench in the cable car while exploring downtown Raccoon City. She must first use the wrench to dislodge a fire hose from the wall in an alleyway, which is later required to clear out a fire in the Hydrant Alley. The message at the hydrant is "There's a' fire hydrant. A Fire Hose is fixed with bolts.".

Wrench location

Wrench location

She must also use the wrench at the Stagla Gas Station after the rusted crank's handle breaks apart in the crank hole. The wrench is used to finish opening the shutter to the gas station. The message on the crank's remains is "A broken hex crank is inserted here. I can't turn it without some type of help.".

Once Jill completes the above two tasks, she will no longer have any use for the wrench and will be asked to discard it.




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