The Written Order To The Supervisors is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


It can be found on the hands of a corpse, after taking the Park Key.


Mission Requirements: Bravo 16
1. Obtain and secure sample of all the information pertaining to this case. Observe and record combat data on the UBCS.

2. Destroy all the evidence including the medical facility that has the medical treatment data.

3. Check the guinea pig's ability to accomplish the mission.

Once your mission is complete, evacuate the area. Remember that you must not help anyone who is not a supervisor, nor bring anything back that might be traced to where it belongs.

指令 監視員ブラヴォー16

1:今事件に関するあらゆる情報収集。 UBCSの監視。戦闘データの回収。


Monitor Directive: Bravo 16

1: Collect any information about the current incident. Monitor the UBCS. Recover Battle Data.
2: Completely destroy facilities that serve as evidence, especially the medical institute where the treatment data was collected.
3: Confirm the experiment's ability to carry out operations.

After completion of the specified mission, use any means of escape promptly.
Note that the rescuing non-Monitors and transporting traceable money and goods is strictly prohibited.



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