"Improves your vision so you can see where items are located."
— Inventory description

The X-ray Glasses (透視グラス tōshi gurasu?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The X-ray Glasses is a passively working item, it only needs to be in the player's inventory in order for it to function. It has the same effects as Psychostimulants, but maintains its effect for as long as they are in the player's inventory.

Main game

The player must complete the game within 4 hours to unlock it. After clearing the game, the X-Ray Glasses will be put in the Item Box in subsequent playthroughs. If the player attempts to discard them, they will instead be sent back to the Item Box.

Ethan Must Die

In Ethan Must Die mode, one pair of X-ray Glasses may spawn as a drop from a 2-star or better crate. They will not only reveal the location and contents of crates, but also whether they're safe or booby-trapped.



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