Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Yang Tai Ming was a Second Year pupil at the prestigious Marhawa School. His name was shortened to "Tai Ming" by acquaintances.


Little is known of Tai Ming other than that he had a crush on a girl he attended a club with, considering her to be his mentor ("senpai"). When Bindi Bergara had Nanan Yoshihara release the C-Virus to the wider school population, Yang was one of the people caught up in the aftermath. He was found by fellow Second Year Nguyen Thi Kwan being wrestled by his zombified crush, the only two survivors in a bloodstained classroom filled with corpses. He tried and failed to get her to reclaim her lost humanity by talking to her. Kwan saved him by bashing her head open with a baseball bat. The two made their way out of the classroom looking for the teachers' office.[1]

Episode 21 - Tai Ming's death

Tai Ming is dragged from the vent (scanlation).

The two ran into a science lab to get away from the zombies, and Tai Ming moved some cupboards in front of the door to prevent them getting in. The two went up into the ventilation system, knowing the zombies would soon find a way in. Moving over the infested corridor, Kwan complained that Tai Ming was looking up her skirt. Embarrassed, he backed off and accidentally opened one of the vents. Dangling over the corridor, the zombies bit at his leg and eventually pulled him out to eat.[2]


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