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Yateveo is a creature present in Resident Evil: Resistance. It is Alex Wesker's bioweapon as a Mastermind. Yateveo is completely immobile, but it can be placed near an objective so that it blocks the Survivor's way to it.[1]


The Yateveo is an immobile creature which can be used to instantly kill a survivor, stun them, or deal damage from a distance.

It has a total of six moves:

  • Self Destruct – The Yateveo will explode and deal heavy damage to Survivors around it. Alex must devour a Survivor before this move is available, however, she can unlock a skill that allows the Yateveo to self destruct without devouring a Survivor.
  • Lurking Menace – Alex is able to leave the Yateveo and go back to the cameras. Yateveo will enter a camouflage and it can still be killed, however it will not perform any moves unless Alex is controlling it.
  • Devour – Yateveo will use its roots to grab a nearby Survivor and hold them down, then immediately kill them by swallowing them up (requires 7.5 second to swallow Survivor after grabbing). Other Survivors are able to save the one being held. A Survivor must be near Yateveo for it to be able to reach them with this move. During the devouring animation, the Yateveo's timer will be paused. This move has no cooldown.
  • Constricting Vine – Yateveo will spawn a root from the ground and hit a Survivor from a distance.
  • Slime Shot – Yateveo will shoot out a green blob at Survivors and make them immobile, it can then draw the Survivor caught toward it. This move can be used to combo with Devour or Self Destruct. Slime Shot is also able to hit multiple Survivors at once.
  • Reel in – Yateveo draw the Survivor caught toward it, when he came under attack by Slime Shot. This move has a cooldown 2.5 seconds.

Further notes[]

  • The Yateveo is supposedly a cryptid man-eating tree "found" in Africa and Central America, hence its name which means "I-see-you".
  • After the 1.04 update, Yateveo had a bug on the console versions where if players tried to perform the "Lurking Menace" move, it would instantly get killed.[2] This bug was eventually fixed with the 1.05 update.


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