Yellow Herbs have only been featured a few times in the Resident Evil series. Like all other herbs, they have health-regaining abilities. They are very important to find throughout Resident Evil 4 because they increase the player's maximum health.

Resident Evil Gaiden

The yellow herb actually first appears in this title. Yellow herbs will heal about half your character's health.

The yellow herb works as the G+G (Green plus green) combination from previous games.

Resident Evil 4

Yellow Herbs provide either Leon, Ashley or Ada with an increase to their maximum health. However, they are only usable in mixtures with Green Herbs (G+Y) or with Green and Red Herbs (G+R+Y).

Each Yellow Herb used by Leon or Ada increases their health by 1/4 of a bar. Leon can completely maximize his health after using 20 herbs. Each herb given to Ashley increases her health by one whole bar and she only needs 5 to maximize her health. However, she still has much less than Leon and Ada.

Like all other herbs, they only take up a 1x2 area in the attache case. To save space, you should mix them with green and/or red herbs as soon as possible.

Selling Price

Yellow Herb 3,000₧
Yellow + Green 4,500₧
Yellow + Red 5,000₧
Yellow + Red + Green


There are only 27 Yellow Herbs in the main game of Resident Evil 4. You can maximize both Leon's and Ashley's health and be able to miss or sell 2 others. If you collect them all and give none to Ashley, then 7 can be sold for a total of 21,000 ₧. as they are, or up to 70,000 ₧, if mixed with Green and Red Herbs.

Main game locations


Chapter Area Description
Chapter 1-1 Village centre In a box behind one of the houses
Chapter 1-2 Valley In the house near the exit
Chapter 1-3 Lake In the house before the typewriter
Chapter 2-1 Quarry One now appears in one of the shacks
Chapter 2-2 Hut Bottom floor of the cabin
Chapter 2-3 Slaughterhouse 2nd floor
Chapter 3-1 Castle wall In a chest in the shack
Audience hall In a barrel by the Capture Luis Sera note
Chapter 3-2 Underground waterway In one of the cells
Castle parlour In the staircase room
Garden In one of the corners of the maze
Chapter 3-4 Study In the room you start in
Chapter 4-1 Lobby On the table
Old aqueduct A Next to the Merchant
Chapter 4-3 Underground ruins Next to the Key to the Mine
Chapter 4-4 Tower Bottom floor
Chapter 5-1 Monitor room Bottom floor
Waste treatment plant In the room with monitors
Communications tower Next to the Merchant
Chapter 5-2 Underground passage After the shutter
Chapter 5-3 Underground cavern In the first cage you pass
Campsite Near the fence
Ruins Bottom of the tower
Chapter 5-4 Fort Before one of the tunnels
Prison Corner room, not in a cell
Outside passage In a barrel on the bottom level
Final Chapter Old operating theater Near the exit

Assignment Ada locations


Separate Ways locations


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