Yellow Herb (IT-002) is a card in the base deck for the Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. Unlike the other Item cards, the Yellow Herb can be found inside the Mansion deck along with the Rocket Launcher and Gatling Gun tokens, the Event cards in Alliance, and most importantly the Infected. There are three Yellow Herbs to the deck and all have the same effect. When the card is gained through the players' Explore action, it is attached to their main character. This increases their maximum Health by 10. The following turn, the characters Health is healed by 10 to simply even it out. It is possible for one character to obtain all three Yellow Herbs through sheer luck, making any of the weaker characters with 70 Health reach 100. The two Albert Wesker character cards can be boosted to an impressive 130, which is the highest possible in the game so far. This is mainly because Chris Redfield, whose Health is 120, cannot attach Yellow Herbs due to his Level 1 effect's stipulation (he cannot attach non-Infected cards). The Yellow Herb has a Gold Cost of 0, since it cannot be bought from the Resource Area, due to the game's rules.


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